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Electrician Jobs in Woburn MA

If you’re a stellar electrician and you’re currently sizing up electrician jobs in Woburn, MA, you’re probably getting sales pitches from a lot of different companies. Electricians are in demand, after all, and the current shortage virtually assures that there will be plenty of good opportunities for you, if you’re talented and you’re looking for work. That also means you’re probably getting plenty of hustles from companies that claim to be great places to work. You’re likely seeing lots of grandiose claims but it can be tough to verify which companies are genuine and which ones come up short, until you start working for them.

So, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff. At 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric, we’re convinced we’re the best in the industry and we’re also sure we offer the best job opportunities. Unlike the others, though, we can prove it, so here’s a rundown on why you should come work for us if you’re a standout electrician looking to work in Woburn for a great company.

Our Trophy Case

Lots of companies offering services performed by electricians win awards here and there, but we’ll put up the contents of our trophy case against anyone else in the business when it comes to winning service and performance awards. Start with the Better Business Bureau. They’ve given us an A+ rating for years now, and we have no intention of letting that slip. It’s not an easy rating to get, so we take maintaining it seriously.

That A+ BBB rating is just a start. Home Advisor gave us a five-star rating, too, and we were awarded the Best of Houzz in 2017. We’re also a National Grid Value Plus Installer, and if that doesn’t speak to the level of service we offer, we’ll just keep going for a bit. We won a Best of Home Advisor award in 2018, so we’ve maintained our high standards.

We kept that level of service up right into the start of the pandemic and now we’re back and doing what we do, which is provide award-winning service and performance that gets recognized across the industry.

Customer Reviews

Those awards aren’t everything, of course. They count for a lot but it’s really the opinions of individual customers that matter the most when it comes to providing high-quality service and performance. You’ll be impressed there, too, and across the board at that. “They do quality work and their customer service is superb,” one Linked In customer commented about the installation of his central air conditioning service, and the job he referenced required plenty of electrical work as well.

“Did an excellent job explaining the problem with our electrical system, was very thorough and professional,” another commenter gushed after an electrical service call. “We decide to sign up for the company’s 3-year servicing plan because we were so happy with the service.” Reviews like that are the meat and potatoes of our business and you’ll become an integral part of helping us get them. So ask yourself the ultimate question when it comes to reviews—who wouldn’t want to work for a company like that?

What Our Employees Say

As impressive as our reviews are, they’re not the end-all and be-all, either. If you’re going to work for a company that claims to be great, you doubtless want to know if the employees agree with that assessment, too. Rest assured, they do. “You’re not just a number at 128!” says one happy employee. “Great culture with a ton of growth/advancement opportunity” says another, who happens to be one of our sales managers.

“Amazing place to work!” and “I love coming to work every day!!!” two of our office staffers stated, and we’re not just adding exclamation marks in that second comment, either. Our growth rate is reflected in those reviews as well. The one commenter cited the number of techs in his department as having grown from 3 to 25 and an overwhelming number of employees who posted reviews are incredibly bullish about the future of 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric.

What You’ll Be Doing

Now that we’ve offered up some proof about how great we are, you’re probably wondering what you’ll be doing and why you’ll be so positive about the experience. Start with the teamwork factor. You’ll be working with some of the best electricians in the industry and they’ll be complemented by awesome managers as well as savvy pros who work in plumbing and do HVAC work, too. That means when you go out on a big job, you’ll have plenty of amazing teammates who’ll have your back.

They’ll be eager to help you make your contributions and they’ll match you and raise you with their own. You’ll also have first-rate equipment and support to do the job, too. We have great suppliers and our customer support is unrivaled. So is our management expertise – when you go out as part of a crew, you’ll know the job has been professionally assessed when it comes to both equipment and staffing.

You’ll be safe on the job as well. We’re very strict when it comes to doing work that’s up to code and in compliance with every relevant standard in the industry. That means you can take pride in your job and just do it as well as you can, without having to worry about any of the safety issues that can sometimes sidetrack a job.

The Community Factor

If you’re from Woburn, MA, or you’re familiar with the area, you know that it’s a tightknit, blue-collar town where the residents place a huge value on high-quality service. We’ve been working in Woburn for over 30 years so we know everything there is to know about working in and around the town. We know the infrastructure, neighborhoods, and utilities. That preexisting knowledge helps us get the job done right the first time.

What to do Next

How do you join our talented electrician team? Fill out the application! Fill out and submit the application! We’ll assess your qualifications and see if you’re a good fit. If you are, you’ll become part of an incredible team that will put you at the top of the industry!