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Are you worried about your electricity going out? Have you experienced a blackout and been left in the dark? If so, you’ll be glad to know that 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric offers top-of-the-line generators.

Generators are machines that provide electricity in the event of a black out. This means, instead of worrying about running into a wall or your food going bad, you have a stand alone energy source that will keep things up and running until the power comes back on.

If you are interested in getting a generator, contact us today. Any of our staff members would be happy to answer your questions, and we will help you select the right generator for your home.

What We Will Want to Know

  • Are you looking for a portable or a stationary generator?
  • What type of fuel is available in your area?
  • What research have you already done on generators?
  • How else can we help you?
  • When is a good time to set up a consultation?

What You Should Expect From Us

  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Honest and dependable sales representatives
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Phones answered by our own staff 24/7
  • We treat your home with care
  • Clean uniforms, booties, and drop cloths

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To request a free consultation for your next heating or cooling system, please call us at 781-670-3261, or fill out the request form. Our team will promptly provide you with an highest level of attention and service.

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