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Andover, MA

Voted one of the best places to live in all of Massachusetts, Andover is a small town located in Essex County, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. With a population of only 36,500 it gives that small town feel that’s full of nature and a family-oriented atmosphere. Andover has quite the history considering it was originally settled in 1636. You’ll notice that as you drive through and see the quaint and classic neighborhoods, full of New England style homes. Throughout time, it’s gone through a lot of different changes, leading it to become the great community it is today.

Niche.com gives Andover, MA an A+ for it’s overall grade on living in this city. Residents say they love this town due to its great public schools, many different restaurants and activities to do in its historic downtown area, and the plethora of parks to choose from. Many families choose to reside in Andover because of all of its offerings. It’s a great place to raise a family, grow as one, and even retire.

Let’s take a look at some statistics and data on the town. The median age is 39.9 with a median household income of $95,640. The ethnicity in Andover is predominantly White (Non-Hispanic) at 82.4%. Property value in the city is $594,800 with a homeownership rate of 68.9%. It’s also a great city to live in and commute with the average driving time to work being 29.4 minutes. Most importantly, the city is very safe. Crime rates in Andover are well below the national average, any problems are mostly further outside the city center. Another major reason this town draws in families is the great school system and education. Nearly 40% of residents hold Master’s degrees. This city’s elementary, middle, and public high schools also rank at some of the highest in the entire state. There are also top-rated private schools like, Phillips Academy that sits right in the center of town.

Fun fact, the song “America” was written by Samuel Francis Smith back in 1831, earning the town’s nickname which is actually the “Home of America”. So no, none of this town’s charm is by ‘coincidence’ it’s history has led it here. The town’s government takes quite good care of their city also. They have the Andover Preservation Commission, an organization created to actually maintain the original beauty of living in Andover from the time it was settled while also incorporating new and modern businesses to continue to draw new homeowners in.

With centuries of history Andover, MA has kept up with its slogan, “Home of America.” Take a drive through and you’ll notice the beautiful landscapes, streets lined with trees, large welcoming New England style homes, and a higher quality of living. Jobs can be easy to find, life is minimal here yet enjoyable. It’s exactly why it’s voted one of the best cities to live in the state of Massachusetts.

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