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New Thermostat, New Technology

Home heating and home air conditioning are necessary in order to keep comfortable in the ever changing New England weather. Unfortunately, in order to keep the comfort levels up, our home energy and heating bills also see an increase.  One way to help take the sting out of your...

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Some holiday energy tips

The holidays are considered the most wonderful time of the year. For many, it is also the most expensive times of the year. Here are a few tips collected from various energy councils around the web and from our owner Dave to help take some of the sting out...

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Not your Grandparents Heating System

One of the hot topics in heating right now is oil to gas conversions. Home owners are realizing that there are other options out there besides the older, space consuming models they grew up with. With natural gas prices the lowest in a decade, converting your heating system to...

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An introduction to 128, your local plumbing, heatng, and cooling experts.

In the grand scheme of all things internet, this blog’s purpose is to inform readers about all things plumbing. Now I know this does not sound exciting at all, in fact, to some it might seem rather icky, but there is a lot to know that could be beneficial...

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