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Sewer Inspections Reading MA

Sewer systems are one of the most essential parts of any home. Although they are unseen, they carry away the wastes produced by your residence. As an integral part of your household, these systems must be checked regularly through sewer inspections in Reading, MA. You can keep your pipes...

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Ductless HVAC Vs Central AC

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier for people to beat the warm weather within the comforts of their home. Homeowners can now cool their entire house with just a single click of a button. While there are many varied options, for most property owners, it’s now almost always a...

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What Are Mini-Splits?

If you’ve ever wondered what are mini-splits, they are a kind of HVAC system that is smaller than regular heating and cooling units. Homeowners prefer to use them over a traditional HVAC system, and here are some reasons why: What Are Mini-Splits? They Are Simple to Install It’s fine...

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When Is It Time to Replace Your A/C in Lynnfield?

Whether you’re living in an apartment or single-family home in Lynnfield, you need a reliable AC unit for hot summer weather. It’s a good idea to test your AC unit well before the temperatures start to rise in the springtime. With the assistance of the qualified technicians at 128 Plumbing,...

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HVAC Massachusetts Airflow Problems

Airflow issues are behind many HVAC problems. If you’re experiencing heating and air system issues in your Massachusetts home, the qualified HVAC technicians at 128 Plumbing can help.  Symptoms of Airflow Issues in MA HVAC Systems If you notice hot and cold spots, your MA residential temperature control system may have an HVAC airflow problem. Pressure imbalances may also indicate HVAC airflow issues. For...

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Service Contracts for HVAC in Wakefield: What Terms and Conditions Are Important to Know

Thanks to Massachusetts’ hot summers and cold, windy winters, Wakefield residents are very dependent upon a well-functioning HVAC system. Many homeowners may worry about a premature breakdown of their heating and cooling equipment. It’s important to have your Wakefield HVAC equipment inspected and preventive maintenance performed on its components to keep your system in prime condition. A service contract with a reputable...

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New Home Owner? Here Is How to Check That Your Sewer Line Is Not Cracked

Many Northeast homes are several decades old, which can mean hidden plumbing problems in the sewer line. Cast iron sewer lines often last around 30 years, so older homes could be facing a ticking clock until a broken sewer line becomes an obvious problem. In New England, the ground...

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Ideas for Installing Motion Sensor Lights and How They Work

Lighting with motion sensors is a practical addition to a Massachusetts home’s security system and quite easy to install. When the light turns on, it alerts you to the presence of a person or animal within the range of the lighting. This type of motion sensor lighting also provides...

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Why Ductless AC in Wenham Is Ideal for an Older Home

While Massachusetts is famous for its extremely cold winters, it’s also known to get sweltering hot when summer arrives. If you’re thinking about adding air conditioning to your Wenham home, you may want to consider the benefits of ductless AC. These can include lower installation costs compared to the expense of running all new ductwork,...

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Ductless Systems Are Rapidly Gaining Popularity in Andover dash and Here’s Why

In Andover, Massachusetts, temperatures routinely go above 80 degrees in the summer and fall well below freezing in the winter, making a good central HVAC unit a critical Andover home system. However, many older Andover homes have heating systems that run on oil and radiators, and may not have central air conditioning....

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