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Find a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor for Ductless AC Installers: Boston Area

When you need a new air conditioning and heating system for your Boston home, you have to consider the various air conditioner and installation options that are available. There are standard ductless AC systems as well as options that also produces heated air for Boston, Massachusetts, homes. A ductless air conditioning...

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Advantages of High Velocity Mini Ducts and Why Weston Residents Should Know About Them

The advantages of small, high velocity mini ducts are many, particularly in areas like Weston, MA, where houses might be hundreds of years old and full of historic detailing. A small, high velocity mini duct system addresses many of the issues that plague traditional HVAC systems, giving homeowners an option that...

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Dispelling the Top Three Ductless AC Myths

You have plenty of options for air conditioning in your house. If you’re tired of the labor and upkeep of a traditional air conditioner system, you may be considering ductless split air conditioning. Perhaps you’re reluctant because you’ve heard certain myths about ductless split systems. 128 Plumbing wants to dispel the...

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Careers in Electrical

Choosing careers in electrical can open a world of opportunities, from starting as a journeyman to becoming a licensed electrician. You can even become an engineer who designs systems to operate a city or own your own electrical repair company. Each step along the way of your journey down...

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High Heating Bills

With our cold Eastern Massachusetts winter weather, many 128 Plumbing residential and commercial customers have to contend with high energy bills during the heating season. If your heating bills are starting to increase, there are some effective strategies you can take to heat your home more efficiently and lower...

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Sewer Pipes Lexington

Your drain pipes and main sewer line are unseen, but still vital components of your Lexington home’s plumbing system, and you rely on them to help maintain a healthy, hygienic living environment. If you start to notice unseemly smells from your kitchen or bathroom fixtures, backed up wastewater, or slow draining tubs,...

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HVAC Melrose

128 Plumbing in Melrose, Massachusetts, provides maintenance and support for air conditioning and heaters in both residential and commercial properties. Here are the questions we recommend asking your HVAC contractor in Melrose, as well as additional things to consider for HVAC commercial technicians. Questions for Residential HVAC Repair in Melrose When they need...

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Is Your Boiler Valve Leaking

Wintertime in Massachusetts isn’t the best time for a boiler valve to leak or a pipe to burst. While 128 Plumbing offers fast, professional emergency services 24-7, it’s better for you, the homeowner, to solve boiler valve problems before they’re full-blown, burst pipe emergencies. Although determining where and how...

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Is Oil Gas or Electric Heating Better

When you’re choosing the best type of heating for your Eastern Massachusetts home, it’s wise to compare different fuels or energy sources. Oil, gas, and electricity are the three most common heating fuels used to keep homes comfortably warm during our extended heating seasons. Gas, electric, and oil heat each...

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HVAC Maintenance

Your family’s comfort depends on the performance and reliability of the furnace and air conditioner that make up your Eastern Massachusetts home’s HVAC system. And just like any other type of mechanical equipment, your HVAC needs regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Whether you keep...

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