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Live in Reading, MA, and Have a Boiler? Here Are Some Steam Boiler Maintenance Tips

As with all heating systems in Massachusetts, having a functional, efficient boiler is a must with our cold and changeable winter weather. If you rely on a steam boiler for heating in Reading, MA, maintenance is an important requirement. Boiler maintenance doesn’t have to be complex, and if done properly...

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Learn How Trenchless Pipe Lining Can Save Your Potable Water System

Installing trenchless pipe lining is an innovative solution to help fix leaking water pipes. Trenchless lining is less invasive to the scenery around your Massachusetts home than the traditional, non-trenchless pipe lining techniques sometimes used for protecting your potable H20 system. Also, trenchless pipelining helps keep home maintenance costs down with trenchless lining eliminating the...

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Is a Broken Furnace Damaging the Air Quality in Your Home?

In Eastern Massachusetts, your furnace may run continuously from early October right through to April. And while it’s working, you may not realize that your furnace is also directly impacting the air quality in your home. In many cases, the air feels warm and comfortable, and you don’t realize...

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How to Maintain Your Tankless Hot Water Heater in Stoneham

Owning tankless water heaters provide great benefits, including constant access to hot water, qualifying for the Mass Save Program, and getting an unsightly tank out of your Stoneham home basement. Yet, like all other heating systems in your Stoneham house, it’s essential to maintain them properly. The good news...

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Generator Installation in Hamilton: How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

Whether you live in Hamilton or a nearby community in Eastern Massachusetts, the installation of a generator is a good home investment, one you’ll benefit from for years to come. However, many Hamilton properties are older, and while generators may last 10 to 20 years, new generator installation is...

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Furnace Repairs in Winchester: 10 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

Proper heating is essential for staying comfortable during the cold, wet winter weather in Winchester. Yet, many people put off necessary heating repairs, taxing their furnace and increasing the likelihood the system will need replacement sooner rather than later. To help prolong the lifespan of your Winchester heating system, look for...

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Drain Clog Prevention and Drain Cleaning Tips for Lynnfield Residents

Clogged drains in Lynnfield are a plumbing emergency that requires immediate action. If the clog is severe enough, you’ll likely have to hire a Lynnfield plumbing company to come out and get the line cleared for you. It seems as though these situations always happen at inconvenient times, such as when...

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Choosing Between a High Velocity AC and a Mini-Split AC for Your Home in North Andover? Here Is What You Should Know

Air conditioning can be a critical investment in North Andover. The humidity and overall heat can rise high enough in the summer to make it uncomfortable indoors without air conditioning. Some of the older homes in North Andover may contain structural difficulties that make it hard to install a traditional...

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Boiler Installations in Melrose: Which Boiler Is the Best Fit for Your Home?

When it comes to new boiler installation in Melrose, our repair team at 128 Plumbing can help you make the right replacement decisions. Melrose homeowners may need to replace their boiler at least once during their ownership, sometimes more depending on whether a repair is possible. Since all Melrose boilers are...

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Best Plumbing Company to Work for in Boston

It’s important to find a Boston HVAC and plumbing company that makes you feel like a valued member of the team so that you can have a stable, long-term plumbing career. One such company is Boston’s own 128 Plumbing, where customers know they will find the top plumbers for their plumbing needs. 128...

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