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What Is a High Velocity Heating System and Why Should You Use It?

Adding a high velocity heating system in your home can offer some key benefits, including improved efficiency and climate-controlling features. Heating and cooling systems using high velocity can be an excellent upgrade for many homes in the Boston area, where temperature extremes are frequent. There’s much to know about...

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Electrical Panel Upgrades: Wellesley Residential and Commercial Projects

Electrical panels are key to having electric power throughout your Wellesley building. It’s possible that the electrical panels that were installed when the Wellesley structure was built aren’t sufficient for the current electrical box needs, which means you may have to look into having updates done to the electrical panels. Wellesley electrical panel upgrades...

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Signs It’s Time to Retire Your Winchester Boiler

A hot shower or soak is a great way to warm up from the chill of Winchester winters, but when the water comes out cold, your bath time becomes a chore, not an indulgence. At 128 Plumbing, we can quickly diagnose the problem and get your pipes running hot again. With winter weather...

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Safety Is a Priority When Repairing Your Electrical System After a Flood

There are several potential causes of floods in Eastern MA, and often, there’s no warning before flooding occurs. Severe storms, mid-winter thaw and freeze cycles, ruptured frozen pipes, or plumbing leaks and backups can all result in a flood. Whatever the type of flooding and the reason behind it, a...

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Detect Leaky Pipes in Andover

If you have leaky pipes in your Andover, MA, home or business, let us help you uncover hidden plumbing problems so that you can get them repaired quickly. Some detection techniques require a plumber, but others you can perform yourself. 128 Plumbing technicians use high-tech gadgets and years of experience to track down problems...

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Best HVAC Company to Work for in Boston

Working for the best Boston HVAC company ensures a long career in a challenging but in-demand field. At 128 Plumbing, we value hard-working, dedicated professionals who want to provide Massachusetts residents with superior service and top-notch workmanship. If you are looking for an HVAC company to partner with in the...

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Is Your Furnace Failing? 5 Warning Sounds to Listen For

Paying attention to your Eastern MA furnace can save you an expensive, untimely repair if it suddenly breaks down, especially if it does so in the middle of winter. There are a few sounds that a furnace makes that can indicate the unit is failing. Preventative maintenance is key...

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Live in Reading, MA, and Have a Boiler? Here Are Some Steam Boiler Maintenance Tips

As with all heating systems in Massachusetts, having a functional, efficient boiler is a must with our cold and changeable winter weather. If you rely on a steam boiler for heating in Reading, MA, maintenance is an important requirement. Boiler maintenance doesn’t have to be complex, and if done properly...

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Learn How Trenchless Pipe Lining Can Save Your Potable Water System

Installing trenchless pipe lining is an innovative solution to help fix leaking water pipes. Trenchless lining is less invasive to the scenery around your Massachusetts home than the traditional, non-trenchless pipe lining techniques sometimes used for protecting your potable H20 system. Also, trenchless pipelining helps keep home maintenance costs down with trenchless lining eliminating the...

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Is a Broken Furnace Damaging the Air Quality in Your Home?

In Eastern Massachusetts, your furnace may run continuously from early October right through to April. And while it’s working, you may not realize that your furnace is also directly impacting the air quality in your home. In many cases, the air feels warm and comfortable, and you don’t realize...

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