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Did you know that every home is different when it comes to the makeup of water? The unique hard minerals and impurities in your water depending on where you live, the climate of your area, and the type of soil that’s under your house, to name a few factors.

This means there is no one size fits all solution to water purification. To be absolutely sure you’re getting the water treatment that is perfect for you, your home, and your family, it’s vital to test your water.

Water testing will tell you if there is chlorine in your water, magnesium, iron, bacteria, etc. Then, once you know what is in your water, our water testing experts can present you with a customized plan to quickly getting you fresher, purer, and better-tasting water.

When should you test your water?

You may be wondering when you should test your water. This is a great question and the perfect place to start when it comes to getting better water in your house.

Test your water if:

  • You’ve never had it tested before
  • You move to a new home
  • Mineral deposits collect around your fixtures
  • Water at your home tastes strange
  • Clothes aren’t getting as clean as you think they should be
  • You are using more detergent than normal
  • Utility bills are climbing
  • Fixtures are running slowly
  • Appliances aren’t working properly

These are all reasons to get your water tested. You can also call us to test your water if you are simply interested in making sure your water is as pure as it can be. We’d love to help you.

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