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Do you want to install new heating and air conditioning systems? Or do you want to have a reliable Newton HVAC company you can call for regular service, maintenance, and repair works? You can find many companies on Google, but not all of them have the same experience and professionalism.

Service and repair work on a furnace is highly specialized and requires special training and certification. You need to know that the technicians who will work on your heating and AC systems in Newton, MA, are experienced and reliable. After all, these systems are connected to the gas and electricity networks. Any error in installation, maintenance or repair works could potentially create a dangerous situation for you and your family.

The First Step: Know the Licensing Requirements for HVAC Contractors in Massachusetts

If you own a large home or you need HVAC services for your business facilities, the company you hire must have at least one employee holding a valid refrigeration license, as per the laws of Massachusetts. However, you should go beyond the basic state requirements and look for a heating and air conditioning company in Newton, MA, that also employs specialists holding the EPA license or even the NATE license.

These two supplementary certifications indicate that the HVAC company has highly trained and experienced employees who took special courses and examinations verifying their understanding of heating and A/C systems. You can rely on their professionalism and know that your home is safe, and you will enjoy a constant ideal temperature in each room.

Look for a Heating and Air Conditioning Company Near You

Heating and air conditioning systems can malfunction at any moment of the day or night. When you have a problem with them, you need a maintenance company that can send a technician on short notice. You cannot wait until the next day or the next week, you need your furnace or AC unit working now.

A local company will arrive faster at your home in Newton, MA, than a big corporation that has branch offices only in large cities. You don’t want to get a repair ticket and become a waiting list number. You need confirmation that a specialist is on the way as soon as the phone call is over.

Check the Website of the Heating and AC Services Company

Before you make the call, you need to know a few things about the company. How long have they been in business? What is their full range of services? What is their pricing policy?

A professional heating and cooling company will offer detailed information about their experience and their services. They will also have their own financing plans for customers, with clear terms and conditions for eligibility. Also, they will provide various contact options, including telephone, email, contact form, and directions to reach their offices. In short, a reliable HVAC company has nothing to hide, and you won’t have to scour the internet to find out what the company does.

Look for Client Testimonials and Online Reviews

A happy customer is a source you can trust. And reputable heating and air conditioning services companies have lots of happy customers who leave online reviews and testimonials. You can easily get an idea about what you can expect if you hire the respective company by reading customer testimonials.

You can recognize honest and reliable testimonials by the fact that they always provide salient details (type of HVAC work done, how long it took, what problem was solved), and they contain the customer’s name and (sometimes) photo.

You Get a Detailed, Personalized Estimate from the HVAC Company in Newton, MA

A reliable heating and air conditioning service and maintenance company will always prepare personalized offers that take into account the client’s needs and requirements. Also, for installation works, the estimate will be prepared only after a visit to your home, allowing the specialist to evaluate the adequate sizing for the furnace and AC system.

Over-the-phone estimates are neither reliable nor legally binding. You should always receive a written document (printed or in electronic format) that contains all the costs, fees, and commissions. Professional companies will never use practices such as hidden fees or changes to initial estimates, except for the situation when they need to use more ductwork or a more powerful furnace. In this case, you will be informed and asked to give your approval for the new estimate for the heating and air conditioning works.

Ask about Warranties

Heating and cooling service companies offer a warranty for the parts they use and for the workmanship. Whether it is regular maintenance or unplanned repair work, you should have the assurance of quality work. More importantly, the HVAC company should confirm that any actions their technician performs will not void the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the furnace or AC unit.

Professional heating and cooling companies work with equipment producers and obtain the “approved service provider” status. This means that they know how the respective heating and AC systems work, can meet the producer’s standard of quality for installation, maintenance and repair, and only use OEM parts for replacements.

You Can Always Reach Them for Emergencies

Professional heating and air conditioning companies have a telephone number for emergencies prominently displayed on their website and in the contract you signed with them. And whenever you call, someone answers and strives to find a solution for your problem.

Trust Our Experienced Professionals in Heating and Cooling in Newton, MA

We believe in professionalism and in building long-term relationships with our clients. We know that you need to know that your home is safe and comfortable for you and your family. And we help you with tailored maintenance and repair services for your heating and air conditioning systems.

No matter how complex the problem may seem, we will find an effective solution to fix your furnace and cooling system. Our specialists will also inform you when you should consider replacing the old systems with new and modern ones, which offer superior comfort and energy efficiency.

We encourage you to read our customer testimonials and schedule an initial appointment to discuss your heating and air conditioning needs. Our experienced technicians will present a detailed estimate after inspecting your property and assessing its heating and cooling needs. Contact us now!

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