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Are you thinking of moving to the Wakefield, MA area? It can be intimidating to start fresh in a new location, which is why we’re here to help you settle in.

Wakefield, MA, is a beautiful town with easy access to jobs, excellent schools, and a friendly community. If you’re planning a move to this small town, we’re here to tell you what living in Wakefield, MA, is like and what you can expect after the move.

Is Wakefield, MA Safe?

It’s reasonable to want to know if the new area you’re moving to is safe, and we’re happy to report that Wakefield has been deemed as one of the best places to live in the state of Massachusetts. It has an overall safety rating of an A-minus.

Out of 6,788 suburbs in the nation, Wakefield was ranked as the 1,239th best suburb to live in. Their crime & safety rating is a solid B, and residents say there’s little to no crime in the area.

If you’re looking for a friendly and safe location to move your family in, Wakefield is the place to look.

What Does Life Look Like In Wakefield?

The town of Wakefield is located in Middlesex County, just under 30 minutes outside of the city. Wakefield is a bedroom town where the residents live while working close to or in the city.

The average median income for residents in the town is a little over $100,000. 91% of the town is White, with Hispanics making up the second largest race in the community at 3%. Wakefield is known to house more liberal individuals, and most have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Those who already live in Wakefield describe the area as dense-suburban, laid back, and very family-friendly. It’s a tight-knit community of warm individuals that are very welcoming of new neighbors.

What About The Schools?

The public schools in Wakefield all have excellent ratings and reviews from parents and locals. There are nine schools in the Wakefield Public School district with five elementary schools, one middle school and high school, and two academies. There are also three private schools to look into if you prefer a private education for your child.

Regardless of the exact educational institution you enroll your child in, all of the schools in the area have high ratings and focus on preparing children for college with their strong focus on academics.

Jobs & Employment

Places to work in Wakefield are slim, except for local businesses, because most residents find employment outside of the town in the city. However, because of the close location to Boston, there is still a lot of job opportunities.

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