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The state of Massachusetts is an exciting place to plant some roots. What’s not to love about MA with its historical achievements, gorgeous scenery, and trendy food options?

Towns like North Andover, MA, make up a large portion of the beautiful, rich history the state has to offer. With 24 miles outside of Boston, there’s plenty to know about the small town of North Andover and why it makes a great place to raise a family. 128 Plumbing has been servicing North Andover for over 25 years.


The name “Andover” originated from Andover, England, and was named by the settlers that arrived after their trek for religious freedom. The town of Andover, established after 1646, was split into two sections after there was more disagreement about the church, and the town continued to grow. As a result, Andover was divided into North and South parishes on April 7, 1855, and has stayed apart since. 

Things To Do

North Andover has a lot to offer its residents. If you are a history buff, be sure to check out the North Andover Historical Society. This location has several historical landmarks full of information about the town’s history, including a library, a bookstore, the Parson Barnard House & Barn, and more. In addition, several events hosted at this site throughout the year are perfect for learning and getting involved with the town.

If you like the outdoors, North Andover has several parks and valleys to visit. Merrimack Valley is beautiful for hiking and observing nature during the fall when the leaves transition their colors. Other parks in the area that include hiking trails and picnic locations are Harold Parker State Forest, Den Rock Park (which has rock climbing), and Lake Cochichewick. The 128 Plumbing employees thoroughly enjoy their calls to North Andover to take in these views.

Apart from nature, there are several gardens and art museums to check out, or you can drive into the city for more adventure and shopping. 

Today’s Life

Residents in North Andover live a suburban-like life with easy commutes to work and excellent schools to send their children to. There are jobs easy to find in the North Andover area, but neighboring towns and cities also have plenty of work opportunities. Contact 128 Plumbing to learn about our open positions.

North Andover is a very safe area for residents and families with its low crime rate. People who live in North Andover have a 1 in 145 chance of being a victim of crime, which is extremely low compared to the average in other areas. The residents of North Andover are some of our most loyal customers to 128 Plumbing.

Weather Preparation

Knowing what to expect in terms of weather in Massachusetts is very important for your home. Since this is a northern state, residents in the North Andover area can expect a chilly fall with snow in the winter months. 

The average high and low temperatures for the seasons in North Andover are stated below:

  • Winter: Low 20’s-Mid 40’s
  • Spring: High 20’s-High 40’s
  • Summer: Mid 50’s-Mid 80’s
  • Fall: High 50’s-Mid 70’s

Weather is always unpredictable. There are always unexpected lows or highs with the weather during each season, so residents should be prepared for any possible temperature with their heating and cooling systems year-round. 

If you are having plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues in North Andover, we encourage you to contact 128 Plumbing today.

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