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North Andover, MA

If you are new to the North Andover, MA area, you may be wanting to know more about your gorgeous location. North Andover is an excellent place to live in Massachusetts, with a crime rate of 1 in 145, making it in the top 100 safest cities in the US. 128 Plumbing has been servicing North Andover for over 25 years.

Only 24 miles outside of Boston, North Andover, MA, offers residents a great place to raise their families and settle down in a safe location with beautiful scenery and rich history. The residents of North Andover are some of our most loyal customers to 128 Plumbing. Providing plumbing, electric, HVAC, and more!

Brief Background

North Andover, like most of Massachusetts, is a ground full of history. The town was established sometime shortly after 1646 and got “Andover” from Andover, England. However, a dispute in the church resulted in two parishes splitting: North and South. This dispute finally resulted in the permanent separation of the perishes on April 7, 1855.

There are approximately 30,000 residents in the town of North Andover. Historically speaking, the town had famous poet Anne Bradstreet as a resident until she passed on September 16, 1672. 

North Andover is a fully operating town with fire and police services, a library, and more for its residents. To learn more about the history of North Andover, be sure to visit the North Andover Historical Society

Local Schools

If you already have children or are thinking of raising a family, North Andover is known for its incredible schools. Residents have public and private education options to choose from for their children based on parental standards and the child’s needs.

The North Andover public school district has eight different schools from kindergarten to high school, all with excellent ratings. Students in the North Andover public school district will learn the curriculum in the 5-year plan established by the district to prepare students for their college life and workforce. 

There are also four private schools in the North Andover area for parents to consider. These private schools, as of now, do not teach PreK-12th grade at every school. For example, For example, Brooks School teaches students grades 9-12 while St. Michael Elementary schools cover grades Pre-K and K-8th. 

Daily Life

Residents’ love living in North Andover for several reasons. First, the scenery of Merrimack Valley is breathtaking in the fall. Massachusetts is home to some of the best fall scenery, and North Andover residents get their own taste of that when the fall seasons approach. The 128 Plumbing employees thoroughly enjoy their calls to North Andover to take in these views.

It is also a very safe community with a suburban feel. The average income for North Andover residents is around $50,000, with the rent averaging $1,500. 

There are also plenty of jobs in the North Andover area as well as restaurants and coffee shops. Contact 128 Plumbing to learn about our open positions. When North Andover residents are not working, there are several parks residents can visit for exercise or a picnic, and there’s even an art center for those who love creativity.

The close proximity to the big city also offers an easy route for work commuters and plenty of things to do for the entire family. If you are having plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues in North Andover, we encourage you to contact 128 Plumbing today.

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