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Oil To Gas Conversions In North Andover, MA

If you are looking for companies that offer oil to gas conversions in North Andover, MA, 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is for you. We have provided cities in the North Shore region with exceptional HVAC and plumbing services for over 25 years. 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric hires only the most experienced and qualified technicians available to make sure every job is successfully completed without a hitch.

Now is a better time than ever to call us and convert your home to a gas heating system. Natural gas is currently cheaper than it has been for the last 10 years, and gas heating systems often have efficiency ratings of more than 95 percent. After one of our technicians installs your gas equipment, you can expect your monthly heating costs to drop by as much as 30%. In addition to lower bills, you will enjoy:

  • Nearly silent heating with no foul smells or dirty emissions
  • Reliable fuel delivery and steady prices due to state regulation
  • Exceptionally durable equipment

Incentives for Oil to Gas Conversions in North Andover, MA

Before undergoing oil to gas conversions, you can choose from a variety of incentives that will reduce the cost of the procedure. A Massachusetts energy auditing initiative called Mass Save offers loans up to $25,000 to residents who convert to efficient gas equipment. If you would like to take advantage of a Mass Save loan, 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric will schedule a visit from the organization to audit your new gas system. You can also cover part of the equipment and installation cost by receiving tax credits from the federal government. The government offers up to $1,500 to those switching to more efficient heating systems.

128 Plumbing – Your Best Choice for Oil to Gas Conversions

After completing their oil to gas conversions, customers are extremely pleased with the level of service provided by us. You can receive a free consultation from us at any time and the work is guaranteed to cost the consultation price. If you want the fastest and most reliable oil to gas conversions North Andover, MA has to offer, contact 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric today.


To request a free consultation for your next heating or cooling system, please call us at 781-670-3261, or fill out the request form. Our team will promptly provide you with an highest level of attention and service.