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Are you planning a permanent move or vacation to Lynnfield, MA? You couldn’t have picked a better spot!

There’s no shortage of activities or things to do in or around Lynnfield, MA, and it can be pretty comforting for newer residents. Whether you like what big cities have to offer or the quietness of nature’s serenity, Lynnfield, MA has something for everyone.

Know The Town

Lynnfield, MA, is in one of the best spots in the state. With only a short drive to the significant surrounding areas, Lynnfield offers everything for its residents.

Lynnfield is a smaller community with a population barely at 15,000. It’s mostly a quiet suburban town with residents who reside there and commute to their jobs elsewhere. With that being said, there’s a handful of things to do inside the town, but a majority do outside the Lynnfield walls that are only a short drive away.


Lynnfield has one primarily shopping facility: MarketStreet. There are over 80 shops and restaurants at MarketStreet, with name-brand stores like American Eagle, J.Crew, and Lush Cosmetics being a few.

If you like Yoga, there’s Solstice Power Yoga in the shopping center for your fitness relaxation and even a painting bar for your creative side! Unleash your inner artist while being fully zen.

MarketStreet has a lot to offer for shopping, food, and fun for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for a treat yourself day or a day for the entire family, MarketStreet is the place to go.

Lynn Woods

Looking for some outdoor adventure? Lynn Woods has 2,200 acres for outdoor fun like hiking, picnicking, and bike riding. There’s even a stone tower there to explore and dungeon rock to check out.

The grounds have several excellent trails to take your family on to explore the outdoors and nature-side of Massachusetts. In 1996, the entire place was added to the National Register of Historic Places as a historic landmark.

American Outdoor School

If you want to expand your knowledge of the great outdoors, then American Outdoor School in Saugus has what you’re looking for.

At American Outdoor School, you participate in classes that teach you different things about surviving in the wild. For instance, some of their upcoming classes teach you the basics of camping, tree identification, and wilderness survival. If you have always wanted to know how to cook outdoors over an open fire, there’s an upcoming class on that too!

You can look on their website at the various classes they offer and select from their packages how many classes you would like to enroll in. Most of the classes are only a few hours long and take place mid-morning or noon.


For refined dining and city elegance, take the thirty-minute trek into the city to explore what Boston has to offer. Museums, historical landmarks, upscale bistros, and coffee houses are just a few things to name off you will find in the gorgeous city, all at the edge of the beautiful Boston Harbor.

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