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Trenchless Pipe Repair In Wakefield, MA

Need trenchless pipe repair in Wakefield, MA? We can help! Trenchless pipe repair in Wakefield, MA is one of our top services. The pipes in Wakefield, MA are notoriously older and require a lot of maintenance. You may have found yourself dealing with sewer back ups, or pipe breaks. If so, know you are not the only one.

Since the pipes in this area are so old, we are often called for inspections and repairs. With our no dig pipe repair technology, we can quickly access pipes and often fix the problem in the same day. It may sound wild, but it’s true.

Some pipe repair companies offer older pipe repair methods. This can include digging up old pipes and replacing them with new pipes. This process is expensive, old-school, and less effective than no dig pipe repair. Not to mention, digging up old pipes causes damage to your lawn, flower beds, concrete, and sprinklers.

That’s one reason why we offer trenchless pipe repair in Wakefield, MA. Another reason is because we have done the research and have found that trenchless pipe repair is just better all around.

A Little About Our Company Offering Trenchless Pipe Repair In Wakefield, MA

We have been in the pipe repair business for years and have been following trends in pipe repair technology since the inception of our company. As soon as we came across trenchless pipe repair technology, we knew this was the direction we wanted to take. We have taken the time to study the technology, train all of our technicians, and learn all the ins and outs of CIPP technology. That’s why, when people experiencing pipe problems need real help, they call us.

Our pipe relining process focuses on getting the job done correctly, with the least amount of hassle, the right tools, and at the most affordable prices. We work hard to restore leaking, damaged, broken, tree root affected underground drainage lines from the inside out.

One of the biggest benefits to our methods is being able to completely restore old pipes without damaging the surrounding area. If you’ve seen pipe repair in the past, or pipe repair by companies that do not embrace this technology, you’ve likely seen a mess. You’ve seen excavators digging up lawns and flower beds to get to the pipe only to replace it and leave the yard a mess. We avoid this with CIPP repair. In fact, you won’t ever see our technicians come to your house with an excavator for no dig pipe repair in Wakefield, MA.

What is the process used in CIPP pipe repair?

Have you been wondering what the process is with CIPP pipe repair? Here is a list of the steps we take when completing a repair:

We first clean and inspect the damaged pipe. This will give technicians an opportunity to find out where the problem lies.

Then, we take measurements so the material can be cut properly to length.

After that, 100% epoxy resin is mixed and poured into the liner.

Next, pipe liner is loaded into the launching machine and the pipe liner is inserted into the pipe through an inversion process that utilizes air pressure. This process turns the pipe liner material inside out which helps the resin bond with the original pipe.

In a few hours the resin cures and the pipe is fixed.

The process is easy and effective and will only take a short time to complete. You’ll be pleased at the high quality services our technicians provide. You’ll also be happy to know this process keeps the pipes working for up to 50 years.

What are the advantages of CIPP?

To offer a clearer picture, here are of the top advantages of no dig pipe repair, and why you should opt for this method instead of any other type of pipe repair:

Increased longevity of pipes. With no dig pipe repair, the pipes are protected from any future corrosion or leaks. This is accomplished by sealing the pipes with a strong epoxy resin.

Prevents pipe displacement. The new pipe liner that we insert into the old pipe will lock to the host pipe to prevent any movement. This means you don’t have to worry about future leaks or problems with new pipes installed with traditional methods.

Prevents joints from failing. Lined pipes don’t have joints which prevents any potential tree or root obstructions.

Less maintenance. When you opt for CIPP repair, you can rest assured your pipes will be fixed and strengthened for years. This means no calling the plumber over and over again.

Eliminates corrosion. With CIPP technology, we nip corrosion in the bud. This is accomplished with a new, strong, durable liner.

Provides new structural integrity. Old pipes can easily break or leak. Relined pipes, on the other hand, seal the pipe completely. This provides new structural integrity to the pipe, making it last for over 50 years.

Strengthens pipe. Replacing an old pipe will just reset the cycle of corrosion and damage. The epoxy resin we use will line the pipe and strengthen it to last for over 50 years.

Increased hydraulic capacity. If you’ve seen the inside of an old pipe vs. a new relined pipe, you’ll notice the difference in an old corroded pipe and a pipe with a smooth surface and improved water flow.

Quick repair. Excavating old pipes takes a long time. CIPP requires a fraction of the time and less workers.

No digging required. As mentioned previously, trenchless pipe repair doesn’t require any digging. This means you won’t have to worry about your lawn or flower beds getting destroyed.

When you look at all the advantages of CIPP, it’s clear that trenchless pipe repair is the way to go.

Contact us today for trenchless pipe repair in Wakefield, MA!

If you are experiencing problems with your pipes in Wakefield, MA, the time is now to contact us. Wakefield is one of the older areas in the nation, which means the pipes are older, aren’t as strong, and are made out of materials that easily corrode. To combat the old pipes, it’s important to have them inspected by a company like ours that offers top-notch trenchless pipe repair services.

Remember, we can service pipes for both residential and commercial properties. This means it doesn’t matter how large or small your pipes are, we can quickly get to them and fix them. It also doesn’t matter how corroded you think your pipes are, we can fix them. Again, we don’t need to dig up the pipe to do this. Instead, we will fix the pipe from the inside out.

If you’re ready for a consultation about your pipes, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. It doesn’t matter what type of problems you may be experiencing with your pipes, we are confident we can answer your questions and solve your problems.

Finally, if one of your pipes burst or is backing up, don’t wait to call. We won’t wait to respond. We will send someone out on an emergency call to fix your pipe right away. We look forward to helping you!

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