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When people think of plumbers, they often think of smelly and wet job atmospheres. Well, we’re here to erase the preconceived notion that a plumbing career is less-than and beneath others.

Being a plumber has a lot of perks. Other than obtaining an important life skill you can carry with you forever, there are other excellent reasons why you should apply for plumbing jobs in Wakefield, MA.

Are you looking to make a career change? Here’s why you should consider plumbing as your next line of work.

Is Being A Plumber A Good Career?

The plumbing industry frequently gets a bad reputation, but it’s actually a very good trade job.

Sadly, there is a growing shortage of plumbers in the country, where the pool of applicants is dwindling to almost nothing. Why? Because the notion of going to college and getting a degree in other professional fields is the advice being passed down to young adults. Getting a degree for a “good job” like lawyers, doctors, and business workers seems more luxurious to the younger generations.

People forget that plumbers are necessary for everyday usage and comfort in residential properties, businesses, and educational settings.

So, what makes plumbing in Massachusetts a good career? Well, for starters, there will always be a demand for plumbers.

Homeowners will always have pipes and leaks that need to be fixed, which is exactly what plumbers are skilled to work with. In addition, there are certain home codes and regulations that homeowners aren’t familiar with, like plumbers are, which means plumbing is a necessary job to ensure houses are up to code.

Plus, the knowledge of working with certain pipes, leaks, and home plumbing systems isn’t generic knowledge most individuals have. That’s another benefit to working as a plumber—you have skills and knowledge that most people don’t.

Most homeowners are clueless when it comes to their pipes and would rather pay a professional to handle situations instead of fixing them themselves. That’s when you would come in and save the day!

While most people tend to think of plumbing as a dirty job, homeowners have relief when a plumber swoops in and fixes certain issues in their houses. On top of that, plumbing is a necessary skill you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

Average Salary Of Plumbing

Being a plumber can be a very lucrative career, especially when you don’t have to pay for student loans.

The average starting salary reported in 2020 was around $27.08 per hour, with a median salary of $56,330 annually. The pay can vary from location of employment to the amount of business a company has.

Still, for a job that does not require a college degree, it pays really well. It’s also been reported that the lowest 10% of plumbers have an average median pay of around $33,000. While the plumbing career is seeing a dwindling of people applying, the job outlook is expected to grow by 5% over the next ten years.

The good thing about a plumbing career is that there will always be the need for plumbers and skilled workers in this field.

Did you know that as you start working towards your license as a plumber, you can earn money while you’re training?

Plumbing is an earn-while-you-learn job where your hands-on experience and training can also be putting money in your pocket as you develop your skills. Plumbers start earning a part of their salary as they start their apprenticeship before even taking their exam.

How To Start Being A Plumber

Are you ready for one of the best parts about being a plumber? You do not have to worry about accruing massive student loans because this trade does not require a college degree! However, you still have to invest in some community college-like classes before actually becoming a plumber.

To be a plumber, you will undergo training—that you will be compensated for most of the time—until you work up to having your own plumbing license. While you’re training, you will work with another plumbing technician and be supervised until you pass all your training and obtain your license.

But, because you don’t have to receive a college degree doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a degree. To start working as a plumber, you first need to have a high school diploma or GED. After this, you will have to enroll in a few plumbing vocational courses to understand the basics of plumbing and job duties before starting your training and plumbing apprenticeship.

Obtaining your plumbing license can vary depending on where you live. You will need to have certain classroom hours, hands-on experience, and training before taking the exam that allows you to obtain your license.

Once you pass your exam, you can get your license then practice full-time as a local plumber!

Plumbing Jobs In Wakefield

If you are looking for a new job, there’s no shortage of plumbing jobs in the Wakefield area. We don’t just cover this suburban town, but we serve others as well.

The good thing about finding a plumbing job in Wakefield is that there are other locations you will be assigned to. The Wakefield area is close to Boston, which means it’s a wide area to have homeowners that will need the services offered by plumbers.

If you were to research openings for plumbing careers in the Wakefield area, you would find several vacant positions. There are even openings at our company!

Plumbing has excellent job security and benefits that span far beyond the pipes you work with. With the economy constantly fluctuating, this hardly affects trade work. That means once you become a plumber, there will likely always be work available for you, with consistent pay, unless something drastic were to happen in the future.

You will feel satisfied in your plumbing job in Wakefield by having the necessary skills to keep home operating efficiently, and the bright side is that you will never have to call a plumber yourself. You are the plumber!

When the time arises where you have leaks and pipes to fix in your own home, you will have the required training and knowledge on how to fix your own problems, which means money from your own pocket is saved.

Plumbing jobs in Wakefield will likely always be available, especially since the pool of applicants is already dwindling.

What Does A Plumbing Job Entail?

So, what does a plumber do daily? If you’re already trying to answer this job in your head, wait until you hear what a plumber actually does daily.

Yes, plumbers do have to deal with septic tanks and sewers every now and then, but these trade workers also have other duty requirements.

Plumbers have to know about major home systems such as HVACs, tapware, and plumbing systems since they all intertwine together. Plumbers deal with drainage, gas, and plumbing blockages or issues daily, but the exact issues can differ. Meaning, the daily duties of plumbers are always new.

Here’s the basic rundown of what a plumbing job entails:

  • Toilet, Leak, & Sewer repairs
  • Water services
  • Garbage disposals & drain cleaning

Toilet, Leak & Sewer Repairs

These are the typical job duties of plumbers that you could experience daily. There are a lot of water leaks, clogging, overflows, flushing problems, and slow draining that these workers are skilled to fix.

A lot of times, there can be accidental buildups in piping systems that require the help of plumbers to solve the issues where the systems can be back up and running. Plumbers do more than fix the clogs. They are responsible for estimating the cost of the fixing and how to diagnose what clogged the system in the first place.

Water Services

Have you ever had to suffer through a cold shower due to your hot water heater not working correctly? It’s very uncomfortable, especially during the colder months. But, thanks to a trustworthy plumber, they can bring back the heat!

As a plumber, you will be responsible for fixing water services issues and installing water heaters that connect to showers and sinks. Your training will teach you how to install these systems and how to fix the pipes that connect water to the heating line to provide warmer water.

Garbage Disposals & Drain Cleaning

Garbage disposals and other drains have a habit of clogging up as well that plumbers know how to fix. Luckily, these jobs can be solved quickly. So when you find yourself on these jobs, you will be working with various cleaners and tools to solve the jamming and provide better running home services to residents.

Where Will You Work As A Plumber?

These issues do not just occur at homes; they can also happen at commercial properties, colleges and schools, restaurants, factories, businesses, churches, retirement homes, malls, and more.

Basically, every property has pipes, drainage, and sewer lines that require the skills of plumbers, which means work will always be available. Your job scenery will be different every day. This can help you build your professional skills and give you something new to look forward to in your work time.

Plumbing Areas To Cover In Wakefield, MA

When you work as a plumber in Wakefield, MA, there are other surrounding areas you can impact positively with this line of work.

Our company covers several surrounding areas to Wakefield, Massachusetts, such as Reading, MA, Winchester, MA, Andover, MA, Newton, MA, and more.

We make sure the residents in our surrounding areas are taken care of when it comes to plumbing, heating and air, electrical, and water services.

We offer a range of home services for our residents to make sure the basics of their homes are operating soundly and efficiently for everyday usage. We deal with the comfort and function of homes, so we like to serve as many areas as we can!

When you work for a plumbing company in Wakefield, MA, you will be able to meet the great people of our areas and appreciate the positive difference you can make in these communities.

Looking For A Plumbing Career? Apply Today!

If you’re ready to launch into an impactful, necessary career, apply as a plumbing technician with 128 Plumbing today! We are always on the hunt for skilled workers we can add to our team to help serve the wonderful Wakefield community.

Our company has been in business for nearly three decades and is continuing to grow fast! Our careers help our workers develop their skills personally and professionally while receiving all the respect and support they deserve from us.

If you look at our ratings, you’ll see there’s a reason why 128 Plumbing is a fast-growing company in the Wakefield area. That’s because we make sure we hire the best of the best and accurately train our employees to give residents the 5-star experience they deserve.

Launch into your next career as a plumber for 128 Plumbing today. Not only will you be starting a fantastic trade, but you will also be able to connect with locals and ensure their homes are operating soundly.

We’re always accepting applications for our vacant plumbing careers. Visit us online to submit your application today and join our team!

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