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The state of Massachusetts holds a lot of our nation’s history, and the town of Winchester, located just 8.2 miles outside of Boston, is no exception. Whether you are visiting or new to the area, discovering the rich history of notable landmarks can open your eyes to new discoveries and a deeper appreciation of our country’s past.

Winchester is a convenient location to be so close to different sites that hold different meanings. While it is very close to the city, there is a more rural, nature-filled side to the suburban area. Let’s take a look at all of the wonders that Winchester, MA has to offer.

Historical Landmarks

There are 67 historical buildings located in Winchester, MA, documented in the National Register. The vast majority are houses previously owned by famous figures contributing to the town’s growth, like the Robert Bacon house. Robert Bacon was a businessman during 1894 who employed most of the town in his mills. The Schwab Mill, the oldest continuously running mill in America, is an excellent town historical landmark to visit, too!

Other historical landmarks in the town of Winchester include the Wright-Locke Farm. The farm is one of the earliest historical landmarks in Winchester. It is recorded that some of the Puritans from Charleston settled on the farm in 1638. Among those settlers was John Wright, the farm operator until 1800, when the farm was sold to Josiah Locke. In 2007, a debt exclusion override was passed on purchasing the entire farm to protect it from potential buyers looking to commercialize on the farm.

Many activities on the farm can pique your interest, like hiking, admiring their pond, wetlands, and hilltop glades. You can even buy some fresh produce from the farm year-round. In addition, they offer workshops from time to time for adults and have a few programs for children.

Natural Landmarks

Are you a history buff? The proximity to Boston offers plenty of historical landmarks for history lovers to check out. The Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, and Old State House are a few to name that is open for you and your family to visit to understand past historic events better.

If going to the hustle and bustle of Boston isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the more peaceful and sere nature landmarks Winchester has to offer. Landmarks such as the Middlesex Fells Reservation, Horn Pond, Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, and Mystic Lakes all over excellent amenities for hiking, bike riding, fishing, and more to enjoy the scenic views and tranquility of nature.

Government Landmarks

To learn more about the specific town history of Winchester, visit the town hall. While you’re in the Winchester area, don’t forget to travel up to The Lexington Battle Green, where the first shots of the American Revolution sounded.

There are various landmarks in and around the area of Winchester, MA, to enjoy while you’re there. You never know what you may learn on your adventure.

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