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Are you looking to make a career change but unsure of where to start? We can help. If you have never thought about becoming a plumber or working at a company known for its top-rated plumbing services, you should hear about the impact you can make in the Wakefield community.

Plumbing is more than working with smelly sewer systems. It is about providing comfort and daily functioning services to homeowners that need it most.

We are 128 Plumbing, a plumbing, heating, and electrical company looking for skilled workers to join our team and reach out to the Wakefield area for plumbing and other service repairs. Here is how you make a difference in your community while building exceptional life skills you can keep with you forever.

The Importance Of Plumbing Home Services

The services plumbers offer to homeowners are important and often get looked over. Plumbers are responsible for ensuring the piping systems, drainage, and water heaters are working properly to provide clean water and comfort for everyday use.

Ordinary homeowners do not possess the knowledge that plumbers have to be able to fix pipes and toilet issues that these skilled laborers are taught in their vocational classes and training.

Everyday life would not be what it is without skilled plumbers making sure our home efficiency runs properly and easily. It is taken for granted how easily our plumbing systems run when they are operating correctly, thanks to the help of plumbers who install and repair these services as needed.

Being a part of a top-rated plumbing company means you will positively impact society and our communities by being able to provide necessary life functions. Plus, you will have the knowledge to operate on these systems in your own home should the need to solve an issue in your own home arises.

Our company loves providing these necessary services to the residents around the Wakefield area and hiring individuals ready to make a difference in their community. It is a small part about what sets us apart from the other plumbers around.

Water Repair And Other Necessities Of Plumbers

Our top-rated plumbers are responsible for more than dealing with leaky pipes and toilet problems. Being a plumber means having complex and in-depth knowledge of certain pipes and systems that have to be up-to-date on certain codes.

Plumbers deal with water repairs, electrical units, and heating and cooling systems since they are all connected with their wiring and piping. Once you begin your vocational courses and apprenticeship with us, you will learn all the ropes to handle the various jobs.

On top of that, plumbers are responsible for visiting residential homes or properties that need plumbing assistance and looking at the reported issues. When plumbers visit the locations, they have to look at the pipes, leaks, and units to diagnose problems accurately and propose solutions.

Because of this, it is also a plumber’s job to estimate the cost of repairs or installations to give to the clients.

Why Our Employees Love Working With Wakefield Locals

Working in the Wakefield and surrounding Massachusetts area means getting involved in wonderful communities and meeting the great people of our service communities. Our employees love working with the Wakefield locals and making an impact in the homes of our locals.

By being one of our top-rated employees, you will be able to meet the faces of those living in your area and bring peace to their homes by providing services that repair their everyday issues. There is a reason why we keep up our 5-star ratings, and our clients love working with us. Not only do we have the suitable materials and expertise, but we work with the best clients.

The Wakefield area comprises hardworking, educated residents that build a warm and welcoming environment in their community. The Wakefield community has been known as very laidback and accepting of all individuals. When you are invited to a Wakefield home, you will work with easy-going clients that are thankful for the work you provide.

What You Can Expect Working With 128 Plumbing

By becoming one of our 128 Plumbing employees, you can expect to join a fast-growing company providing excellent services to the communities around you.

We are happy to provide an uplifting and professional atmosphere for our employees where their job skills continue to grow. Since we offer several services and jobs to be assigned, you will see it all in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and water service fields.

It feels as if there are endless job opportunities our employees will have the chance to be a part of within the specialties we provide. Our training and apprenticeships will cover the vast majority of these issues you will run into on the job, so you are familiar with situations you will find yourself facing on the job daily.

As a part of our team, you can expect to be fully equipped to handle daily duties as a plumber with the support of the rest of our team when you are just starting out.

We Offer More Than Plumbing

128 Plumbing offers more than plumbing to residents. We work on HVACs, electrical units, drains, and water services.

Our technicians receive the training they need to be able to install these systems and make necessary repairs to homes that are dealing with various issues. To make it easier for our clients, we have financing plans to pay for these services because we believe the necessary home services are responsible for making everyday life comfortable and efficient.


Our technicians help homes upgrade their heating and cooling systems and make repairs if there are broken parts or improperly running systems. The heating and cooling systems provide clean air for homes to breathe and keep temperatures comfortable all year round. It is a vital system of everyday living, so we train our technicians to be able to best help our clients in every possible circumstance involving these units.


The electrical work in a house can be complex, dealing with the wires and generators for most homeowners to operate. As one of our top-rated employees, these are a few electrical items you can expect to work within our company:

  • Ceiling & bathroom fans
  • Surge protection
  • Switches & outlets
  • Panel upgrades
  • Circuits & wiring
  • More

We provide the necessary tools and materials needed to handle most electrical occurrences, including training for various situations.


The most common household problem our company deals with is clogged drains. Instead of temporarily unclogging drains, we provide long-term solutions for residents through our services.

When we work with drains, we do not use the chemicals and solvents you can find at the hardware store that actually does more damage to pipes. We provide actual, professional fixes. Here are a few of our standard services you can expect to handle on drainage calls:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Old piping
  • Main sewer line
  • Tub & toilet clogs
  • Drain repair & clogging
  • More

Water Services

Homeowners likely do not think of the safety of the water that they use to cook with and bathe in until they notice unusual smells and colors. Since this is a vital everyday use that can be a safety hazard if not working correctly, we provide water filtration, testing, reverse osmosing, and softening to our clients needing solutions for their water services.

Consultations & Premium Plans

As an employee in our top-rated home service company, you can expect to have consultations with our clients to review their problems and be able to diagnose ways you can solve the issue. In addition, we provide free consultations and appointments for our incoming clients to meet with one of our fine technicians and discuss what they are experiencing in their homes.

We also provide premium plans to our clients where they can purchase plans between the five that we offer for year-round services to keep their systems up-to-date and operating efficiently and properly.

How Are Our Employees Treated?

Are you curious about the job environment working with 128 Plumbing? We’re happy to report that our top-rated company treats employees very well. Not only do our communities love our team, but the bond you will make with our other technicians can be very positive.

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