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5 Tips for Preventing Plumbing Issues in Wakefield

5 Tips for Preventing Plumbing Issues in WakefieldWhen you purchase a home in Wakefield, you expect to be able to count on the plumbing. You want hot water for showers on-demand at your Wakefield home, drains that flow freely from your Wakefield property, and no issues at all with the Wakefield water supply or sewer system plumbing.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues in your Wakefield home may require you to call a professional. The expert plumbers at Wakefield’s 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric are here to help you when things go wrong; however, there are ways to prevent issues with your Wakefield home’s plumbing before they start.

You don’t have to provide a ton of upkeep on your Wakefield home’s plumbing system. Taking care of a few plumbing basics periodically at your Wakefield property can help prevent service calls. These five tips can help you have problem-free plumbing at your Wakefield home or your Wakefield business.

1. Watch What Goes Down Your Wakefield Home’s Plumbing Drains

One of the most annoying Wakefield plumbing issues is slow-moving or clogged drains, which often require a Wakefield plumber to correct. Slow drains are usually caused by something going down into your Wakefield home’s plumbing drains that shouldn’t. Some examples include huge wads of toilet tissue that are flushed into the Wakefield home’s system, grease or cooking fat in the kitchen sink drain at your Wakefield dwelling, or other similar items that may make their way into your Wakefield home’s plumbing drain lines. To avoid having to call a plumber, you should make sure that only water and excrement go down your Wakefield home’s plumbing drains.

If you’re concerned about other items in the plumbing drains in your Wakefield home or Wakefield business, you can install plumbing strainers in the sinks and bathtubs. The plumbing strainers will prevent solid matter from going down the drain of your Wakefield residence. Just remember they won’t stop liquid grease and fats from flowing into the plumbing at your Wakefield dwelling. Liquid fats turn to solids that build up and lead to a blockage that takes the expertise of a plumber to unclog.

One issue specific to showers and tubs of Wakefield homes is hair. The plumbing strainers available to Wakefield residents work well for combating this plumbing problem. If you don’t have a strainer for your Wakefield home, you may need to clear the plumbing drains periodically if hair gets stuck on the grate of the plumbing drain assembly or in the trap.

2. Keep the Plumbing Pipes Warm in Wakefield Winters

Frozen pipes due to our frigid Wakefield, Massachusetts, winters can cause damage that requires the help of an experienced plumber. To avoid having to call a professional plumber to fix burst pipes, ensure that the plumbing pipes within your Wakefield home stay warm. This is as simple as keeping your Wakefield home at a comfortable temperature. However, if you have plumbing piping inside exterior walls or outdoor faucets, you may need to insulate or cover those before Wakefield experiences its first frost.

If you’re unsure of what to do to keep the plumbing at a suitable temperature during Wakefield winters, one of our 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric Wakefield plumbers can advise you on what’s necessary to prevent plumbing issues due to freezing temperatures at your Wakefield home. A plumber may recommend wrapping the Wakefield water lines with insulation or installing heat tape before temperatures dip below freezing here in Wakefield.

Some Wakefield homeowners choose to have a plumber install an insulated blanket on their hot water heater. Our team of plumbers at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric
can install one in your residence to help protect this essential portion of your Wakefield home’s plumbing system from becoming too cold. The blanket can also help lower your utility bills since the plumbing system unit doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the water, and the water remains warmer.

The Wakefield plumbers at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric
are happy to come out to help Wakefield homeowners prepare for the frigid Wakefield winter conditions that we have in this area. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment with a Wakefield plumber.

3. Avoid Chemical Drain Products in Your Wakefield Plumbing System

If the plumbing drains are slow in your Wakefield home or Wakefield business, you might want to try to get them back up to par. One thing professional plumbers advise against is using chemical drain cleaning products. While these are marketed as safe for plumbing systems, they really aren’t a good idea for your Wakefield home. Experienced plumbers will tell you that while these products may improve the problem temporarily, they can also damage the pipes and leave partial clogs that continue to cause sluggish drains in Wakefield properties.

Our skilled Wakefield plumbers know that it’s better to use a plumbing plunger to try to clear a sluggish plumbing drain at your Wakefield residence. Plumbers understand that the force of the plumbing plunger can often push through what’s clogging a Wakefield home’s plumbing line. A small plumbing plunger may not work, so it is best for Wakefield homeowners to invest in an industrial plumbing plunger for sluggish plumbing drains in Wakefield.

4. Watch for Early Warning Signs of Plumbing Problems in Your Wakefield Home

As professional plumbers, we’re familiar with the warning signs that can point to problems with the plumbing in a Wakefield home. For example, if the hot water in your Wakefield home smells like rotten eggs, the water heater servicing your Wakefield residence may be starting to fail. A reduced supply of hot water at your home or business in Wakefield could mean that the water heater isn’t working properly or that you don’t have the correct size for your Wakefield household’s needs.

Another danger signal is receiving a higher water bill than usual in your Wakefield home. If you have a sudden increase in the amount due for your Wakefield water bill, you might have a water leak somewhere in the plumbing of your Wakefield home. If you suspect your plumbing system has a leak, you should call the experienced Wakefield plumbers at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric
to find out where the problem lies.

You might notice that a faucet is leaky or that a handle has to be turned more than normal for the water to turn off in your Wakefield home. These are signs that the fixture needs to be replaced, which is another job that our Wakefield plumbers can handle.

5. Check Exterior Plumbing Lines To and From Your Wakefield Home for Blockages

Tree roots and ground irregularities can cause problems in the exterior plumbing supply and drain lines of Wakefield properties. They can cause lower water pressure if the Wakefield plumbing supply lines are affected, and they can cause slow draining if the drain and sewage plumbing lines at your Wakefield property are impacted. While there isn’t any foolproof way to prevent this, you can opt to keep trees away from the plumbing lines and to have the routes to and from your Wakefield home or business inspected and cleared by experienced plumbers if necessary.

It is almost always a better idea to schedule this as routine maintenance with skilled Wakefield plumbers. If you wait until there’s a blockage in the plumbing lines of your Wakefield home or business, you might have to pay a Wakefield plumber to come out and clear the lines after hours. By planning, you can have it done during regular hours, so you won’t have to pay for an emergency visit to your Wakefield home.

Hire Experienced Wakefield Plumbing Professionals

You need a plumber Wakefield residents trust, and we are a trusted Wakefield company. Our Wakefield team at 128 Plumbing is ready to come out and maintain or repair the plumbing system of your Wakefield home. Whether you are calling us for help with a plumbing emergency in your Wakefield home or Wakefield business, or need us to come out to do preventative plumbing maintenance at your Wakefield property, you can count on us to get the job done on time and at a fair price. We also offer a warranty that provides our Wakefield clients with peace of mind.

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