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When people think of Massachusetts, they often think of Boston, monumental historical facts, and baseball. But the other areas outside of the city deserve their recognition too!

Massachusetts is full of interesting little towns like Wakefield that have a rich history that feeds into the bigger history of the state. If you are new to the town of Wakefield or an established local, you might not know all of the history and interesting facts that make up the town.

Here’s everything you need to know about Wakefield, MA, and what life is like in the beautiful, suburban town.

Early Starts

The town of Wakefield was first known as Linn Village, which was established in 1639. On July 4, 1868, the name changed to Wakefield in honor of Cyrus Wakefield, an entrepreneur and rattan industry expert.

Linn Village/Wakefield started as a farming town until industries began to grow the area in 1890. Because of the town’s growth, The Wakefield Historical Society was founded and still operates today, where locals can visit to learn more about early life in Wakefield.

The Wakefield Historical Society operates as a museum that hosts collections of artifacts from early days where you can observe these objects as a part of the town’s history:

  • Clothes
  • Paintings and portraits
  • Home furnishings
  • Silverware, glassware, and plates
  • Arrowheads
  • Maps and other printed materials

Visiting The Historical Society

Taking a visit to the Wakefield Historical Society is fascinating and can get you closer to how the town came about. The museum allows locals to come in and has tours for school groups and historians, and publications to look at.

The museum also has certain exhibits that highlight different items, individuals, and occurrences in Wakefield during the early days that paint a clear picture of residents’ early life in the town.

Currently, the historical society is working on creating digital tours for people to browse online or on mobile devices that include a walking tour of downtown and a lakeside tour. They also have special events that take place periodically.

Their current event is a Twilight Tour of the Old Burying Ground.

Exploring More

Museums aren’t the only place you can visit to learn more about Wakefield. There are also destinations.

Since Wakefield is a suburban area, most destinations in and close to town are rural and out in nature. For example, Lake Quannapowitt and Lynn Woods have picnic areas, walking trails, fishing spots, and more to demonstrate the remote side of the area.

A New Adventure Awaits

Life in Wakefield, MA, can be astounding. If you’re planning a move to the area, it’s important to make sure you settle in properly and that your residence is taken care of. That’s how we can help you.

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