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An introduction to 128, your local plumbing, heatng, and cooling experts.

In the grand scheme of all things internet, this blog’s purpose is to inform readers about all things plumbing. Now I know this does not sound exciting at all, in fact, to some it might seem rather icky, but there is a lot to know that could be beneficial to the consumer. Topics we have in the works are not limited to oil to gas conversion, and home energy saving tips, and going green in the home. We will also be updating with what’s going on around the office, and about our office mascot, Ranger, who is an 8 month old black lab puppy.  But before we delve into all of that fun stuff, let me start by introducing the company.

128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is a family run business that has been serving people of the North Shore area of Massachusetts for over twenty years.  We at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has provided the highest quality, efficient and reliable service to our customers. We have become the North Shore’s most trusted & consistent plumber, heating and air conditioning service company. We are truly committed to providing our customers with the utmost professional experience.”

We plan on posting weekly with new topics, and answers to questions you may have about anything related to the industry.  Next week we are going to start talking about one of the biggest topics in plumbing and heating today, oil to gas conversions.  If there are any questions about plumbing heating, or cooling you would like us to answer, contact us today.  Thank you for checking us out.

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