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Spanning over 32 miles Andover, Massachusetts has its fair share of places to see. A small, home-grown community but full of city and state parks, museums, a historic downtown area, restaurants, clubs, and more sights than the eye can see. But what are the most popular places of interest? We got you covered, we’re going to share with you about Downtown Andover, The Addison Gallery of American Art, Harold Parker State Forest, and some other favorite spots in the historic, beautiful city of Andover.

Settled all the way back in 1636, this town does its job to keep the history alive while also adding modernity into it. Downtown Andover is a popular place for the community to gather, spend the day shopping, eating, or taking in its beauty.  There are over 30 places to eat, have coffee, and drinks to hangout. It’s also easily walkable giving it that true historical, small town feel. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy, it’s perfect for families, tourists, retirees, or even school field trips!

Get your history fix by visiting The Addison Gallery of American Art is in Downtown Andover, in the heart of Phillips Academy. It’s a popular destination for residents and any out-of-town guests that is free of charge. It’s home to a world-class collection of American art that spans all the way from the 1800’s that features over 22,000 objects. Also, featuring an even wider-range of exhibits in a more intimate setting. It is a top spot to visit when in Andover, Massachusetts.

Another place of interest located in the city of Andover is Harold Parker State Forest. Andover is full of natural beauty and it’s especially noted when visiting this state park. Spanning over 3,300 acres it has 35 miles of trails, 11 ponds, and dozens of places to camp out. Full of tons of activities, like canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and more, there’s a little something for everyone. This isn’t the only popular park to visit, if this is too large, try visiting Ward Reservation. Only 704 acres large, located in North Andover there’s a variety of trails, wildflowers, and wildlife to take in.  If you’re visiting Andover or live there already, these are both go-to spots to visit.

Beyond just the four places mentioned above, there’s tons more to experience in Andover. Head into downtown to visit Oak and Iron Brewing Company especially in the fall season to celebrate Oktoberfest. Join the Andover Country Club that was created all the way back in 1925 for the community to have a more intimate, luxury setting to gather. They have golf, swimming pools, tennis, and it’s even a great place to get married in or hold your reception. A historic city with decades of American culture surrounding it, you’re bound to find tons to do, and a lot to take in. However, if you’re lost on where to go or what to do, look here for the most recommended, top places of interest.

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