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Andover is a smaller city located only 30 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts. If you ever want to escape the big city life that Boston offers, come to Andover. A historic and quiet city settled all the way back in 1636. Throughout the decades, it split to what is now North Andover, it was also located so closely to Salem that it became part of the witch trials in the late 17th century. Then, in the 20th century the American Woolen Company created a model industrial village providing 200 houses. It has a lot of history and the city still does its job to preserve it. So, if you are moving here, visiting, or perhaps already live here we are helping you with the top 5 things to do when in Andover.

The Addison Gallery Of American Art

In a city full of history like this one it makes sense to have one of the most popular American art museums. Established back in 1931 by Thomas Cohran, a former student at Phillips Academy, located in the heart of Downtown Andover. The museum is free of charge and open to the public. Inside you’ll find historic art that spans all the way from the 1800’s to present time. There are over 22,000 objects and it’s full of interactive and a wide-range of different exhibits. You are bound to find your history and art fix by visiting this place.

Pomps Pond

Looking to be one with nature? Visit Pomps Pond! It’s part of the Recreation Park Complex, Pomps Pond takes up 16 of the 62 acre park. When visiting you’ll have many different activities you can choose from. Walking trails, volleyball, swimming, picnic grounds, playgrounds, sail boating, canoeing, kayaking, and more. It’s a great place for families to have reunions or to just simply spend a warm afternoon strolling. When in Andover go visit Pomps Pond which also has some unique history surrounding it. The name actually came from a man named Pompey Lovejoy who lived in a cabin near the area more than a hundred and eighty years ago.

Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway

Andover is clearly popular for its nature because another place you’ll have to visit is Bay Circuit Trail. This trail actually extends through 37 different towns throughout Massachusetts. Full of different historic landmarks and outdoor activities the Northern Third area is what you’ll find when visiting from Andover. Take in the beauty of this trail by visiting!

Chateau – Italian Family Dining

One of the top restaurants in Andover is Chateau. If you’re a lover of Italian food, you have to go here. An Italian family dining restaurant started in 1933. Mary and Joseph Nocera came to the U.S. from Sicily opening this restaurant. For generations it’s been passed on to family who continue to expand its success, there are now 8 in total. So, if you’re in Andover and hungry for Italian, there’s no better place to visit.

Andover is full of history, nature, beauty and holds a strong community. By visiting these top 5 places you will undoubtedly notice that.


Directions from the Addison Gallery of American Art to 128 Plumbing.

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