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Avoid A No Heat Call Today

Every fall as the temperature starts to drop and you flick that thermostat on for the first time you expect to hear the rumblings of your boiler or the smell of your furnace push through the registers for the first time.

Unfortunately for some, that sweet sound or smell does not happen at all. So here you are, the first cold snap of the late fall/early winter and you are without heat. Now heating repairs are inevitable for some, but you can be proactive before you need it most.

Preventative maintenance is a yearly necessity that assures your systems running properly. Studies consistently show that proper maintenance extends the life of your equipment, maintains the proper efficiency and assures proper safety.

A quality heating or HVAC company will be able to provide a professional set of eyes on your system, clean it, and tune it to its proper function. Not only is proper maintenance a suggested method per the manufacturer’s request it delivers something much more important…peace of mind.

Proper maintenance takes a step by step process from checking electrical connections, cleaning elements, to checking the flue for obstructions. Most homeowners are unaware that most carbon monoxide discoveries are actually found during a quality maintenance checkup.

Nobody wants their heating system to fail when they need it most. And if you are familiar with Murphy’s Law, then you understand what I mean. We all know Massachusetts can deliver long cold months, so prepare for the cold months and call your local heating specialist today.

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