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Boiler Installations in Melrose: Which Boiler Is the Best Fit for Your Home?

Boiler Installations in Melrose: Which Boiler Is the Best Fit for Your Home?When it comes to new boiler installation in Melrose, our repair team at 128 Plumbing can help you make the right replacement decisions. Melrose homeowners may need to replace their boiler at least once during their ownership, sometimes more depending on whether a repair is possible. Since all Melrose boilers are not the same, our Melrose install and repair team can help you choose the right replacement and provide full boiler installation as needed.

Repair or Replace the Boiler in Melrose?

At 128 Plumbing, our first focus is on boiler repair. If we cannot repair your Melrose boiler, we will gladly explain your replacement options. We also provide full boiler installation services in Melrose.

Replacement boilers are not uncommon in many homes in Melrose. Although these heating systems typically last 10 to 20 years, sometimes longer, most Melrose homeowners will eventually need a replacement along with new boiler installation even if they’ve performed regular boiler maintenance procedures.

We recommend that Melrose property owners consider the installation of new boilers when their system is too expensive to repair, is no longer possible to repair, or the boiler repair would provide only a temporary fix. Our Melrose repair and boiler installation team can discuss your options during any repair service call.

What to Look for When Choosing a Replacement Boiler for Installation

In Melrose, you likely rely on your boiler from October through April. Melrose weather can be quite frigid in the winter months, and if you suddenly have to schedule a new boiler installation as the result of an emergency repair call in the middle of the winter, it’s best to know what type of boiler you might need. Here are a few things you should consider when repair is no longer an option, and you are looking for a new Melrose boiler.

What Size Melrose Boiler Do You Require?

The blustery weather typical in Melrose ensures that you will use your boiler routinely for almost half of the year. For this reason, Melrose property owners need to consider a robust system that meets their home’s needs. Installation decisions should be based on size, including square footage and number of rooms.

To create the right level of heat output, the boiler needs to be the correct size for the home. If you install a small boiler in a large Melrose home, the boiler has to work too hard to keep the home warm and may require frequent repairs. A boiler that is too large for your Melrose home will turn on and off often, limiting the overall efficiency of the boiler. Producing more heat than you need also makes the boiler less effective for your Melrose home. Getting an installation just right depends upon knowing the size of your Melrose home and the layouts of the rooms.

Many times, boiler replacement models are more efficient, and you may not require one with as much output as your current Melrose home unit. The dimensions of the new installation may be different as well, which may mean our installers will need to make a few changes to the area where your Melrose boiler is located.

In Melrose, most small homes with one or two bedrooms will need about 24 to 27kW of output from their new installation. If your Melrose home is three to four bedrooms with 15 radiators present, expect to install a larger unit of 28 to 34kW. For a large Melrose home of over four bedrooms or more than 20 radiators, install a boiler with 35 to 42kW of power.

It is best to turn to experienced boiler installers like our team at 128 Plumbers, to help you choose the right size installation for your home. We understand how heating systems work and can correctly determine the output needed for your Melrose home. We can help you find the right boiler for your new installation, we can hook it up correctly, and we can repair it if necessary.

What Types of Boilers Are Available in Melrose?

There are several types of boilers available for installation and replacement that may work in your Melrose home.

Steam Boilers: Many Melrose homes feature steam boilers, which are partially filled with water that’s heated to create steam. As the pressure increases, the steam moves through pipes into radiators to heat the home. Some older homes in the area will have existing steam boilers present.

Hot Water Boilers: These work using an oil or gas burner that heats the water stored in the boiler. This system features pumps that move water into the system — the hot water expands, and the heat advances into the radiators, and then each room of the Melrose home.

Condensing Boilers: Some Melrose homes also contain condensing boilers, which have two heat exchangers. One heats the water prior to the water moving into radiators. The other works to reheat water coming back in from the pipes.

Let our repair technicians provide insight on the best choice to install in your Melrose home. Our repair and installation technicians can answer any questions you have about specific makes and models before we install them.

The Available Fuel Makes a Difference in Boiler Installations

Several types of fuel are available for Melrose boiler installation. Many times, it’s more cost-effective to choose the same kind of fuel present in your existing boiler than to make a significant change. However, you can make a switch if one source of fuel is more affordable or more readily available to your area of Melrose.

Natural Gas Boilers: Natural gas lines pump this fuel into your home. In many Melrose homes, this is a cost-effective option, though the installation of new routes can increase costs significantly.

Electric Boilers: Electric can be affordable, depending on the setup of the home. These heaters are very efficient, and they are environmentally friendly. Installation of electric boilers in Melrose cost less than installing almost any other type.

Oil Boilers: Older styles of boilers may use oil for fuel. Oil is also used in rural areas of Melrose where natural gas isn’t readily available. Although it can be more expensive to install an oil boiler, it may be the best choice in some environments.

Prevent Energy Waste in Melrose

For many Melrose families, the cost is an important factor when considering a new boiler installation. While you want to install a powerful unit, you want your Melrose home’s heating costs to be reasonable.

Our Melrose repair technicians can offer insight into the existing energy wasters in your home. If there are problems with windows, insulation, or doors, you may want to repair them first. Then, you can balance your budget by choosing an efficient, but potentially smaller boiler. Our repair technicians in Melrose can answer questions about which makes and models are right for your home before installation.

Other Boiler Installation Considerations

Our boiler repair professionals work with many homeowners in and around Melrose, and they have experience with many boiler makes and models. They can suggest which units are more reliable for Melrose homes and which can handle the frigid Eastern Massachusetts winters.

In addition to discussing brand options with your 128 Plumbing repair technician in Melrose, you should also investigate the product’s warranty. Our repair technicians only recommend installations of top quality boilers in Melrose, and they will explain the length and type of warranty on the boiler before installation and replacement begins in your Melrose home. It’s always best to know beforehand what repairs are covered and what type of maintenance is required to keep your new boiler running its best.

Our Repair Technicians in Melrose Are Ready to Help You

Our 128 Plumbing team provides full installation and repair services on most makes and models of boilers used in Melrose homes. Contact our Melrose repair technicians for a consultation on the installation of a new boiler in your home today.

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