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Boston Heating Services

Choose 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric for Your Go-To for Comprehensive Heating Solutions in Boston

Boston city skyline at night We offer holistic solutions for maintaining, repairing, and installing heating systems for both residential and commercial sectors in Boston. Whether it’s regular maintenance ensuring your heater’s optimal performance, troubleshooting issues like uneven heating or unexpected breakdowns, our adept technicians handle it all. Plus, if you’re eyeing a total system revamp, we’ll assist in choosing and setting up a new, energy-saving heating system perfect for your requirements.

Our Trusted Process

128 workers in front of truckWith three decades in the trade, our technicians at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric are not only seasoned but also licensed, insured, and adept at any heating system installation. Our commitment? Make every service experience straightforward and hassle-free for you.

When you choose 128, you’re opting for a full-service partner for all your heating needs. Here’s our simple two-step approach to get in touch with us for a 5-star experience:

  1. Reach Out: Call, text, message, or book online detailing your heating system’s status and needs.
  2. Schedule & Fix: For just $89, our technician will visit, assess, and present the best solutions for your unique situation and requirements. 

Our experts come equipped to fix issues on-the-spot. If your issue is able to be fixed then and there, it will be. From ductless heating and heat pumps to heating rebates, we guarantee lasting solutions, tailored choices, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

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Services at 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric

Heating Repairs and Services

Got a malfunctioning heating system? Count on the experts at 128. Be it furnaces, boilers, or heating systems, we’re equipped to diagnose and rectify any issue, guaranteeing optimal operation and minimal chances of future malfunctions.

Heating Maintenance

Regular heating upkeep can save 5-15% on annual heating and cooling expenses. An in-depth inspection, followed by necessary fixes like replacing filters, can drastically enhance system efficiency, avert expensive malfunctions, and ensure a comprehensive diagnostic approach. 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric offers a heating maintenance membership program to help you stay up to date with all your heating maintenance needs so you can make sure your systems are running smoothly and efficiently all year long. 

Energy-Efficient Heating in Boston

Boston homeowners eyeing energy savings and reduced carbon footprints have a wealth of energy-efficient heating alternatives:

  • Active solar heating
  • Electric resistance heating
  • Furnaces and boilers
  • Wood and pellet heating
  • Radiant heating
  • Small space heaters
  • Heat pumps are particularly efficient, offering heating and cooling functionalities. High-efficiency furnaces, though pricier initially, promise long-term heating expense savings.

Understanding Common Heating Systems and their Differences

Common heating systems include boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Boilers and furnaces use fuel combustion, often indicated by a blue pilot light, to heat air or water. This warmth is distributed throughout homes via components like radiators. Regular maintenance ensures efficient and safe heating. On the other hand, heat pumps heat and cool spaces by transferring heat between inside and outside. They use a refrigerant cycle, aided by a compressor and heat exchangers, to regulate temperatures. There are many benefits to one system over another depending on your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your project. 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric will work with you to make sure you’re choosing the right system for you and your home. 

Frequent Heating System Issues

Just like any machinery, heating systems can face glitches affecting their performance. Issues range from insufficient heat production and zero heat to strange sounds, uneven heating, or even escalated energy bills. At 128, we have solutions for every problem and are available to service your needs no matter how urgent. 

Heating System Rebates & Incentives

128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electric is a proud Heat Pump installer of the Mass Save network specializing in heat pump installations. Energy costs are rising, which is why it’s more important than ever to offer our customers all rebates and incentives available. 

Choosing the Ideal Company for your Boston Heating System

Selecting the right heating system is pivotal. At 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric your needs and concerns are ours, too. We will assist you in navigating through all your options, ensuring your choice is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and perfect for your home. 

Reach Out to 128 for All Your Boston Heating Needs

128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is your trusted companion in all heating matters. Let us guide you to the perfect heating system for your Boston home. Contact us now and book your appointment today!

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