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Cold Showers in Arlington? Here are the Most Common Reasons (and How to Fix Them)

 Some people might enjoy taking cold showers on a hot Arlington morning, but most don’t want to take cold showers in the dead of a Massachusetts winter. You certainly don’t want a cold shower when you’re expecting a hot shower. If you suddenly realize your Arlington showers and bath faucets are dispensing only cold water, consider these possible solutions to your chilly morning wake-up call

Start With the Obvious Causes of Cold Water Showers in Arlington

One of the first things you should check when you’re trying to find out why you only have cold water for your Arlington showers is whether the circuit breaker has tripped. Open the circuit panel and look at the switches. If the one that serves the water heater isn’t aligned with the others, this could be the reason you only have cold water for your showers.

Reset the switch, wait a bit so the heater has time to warm up the cold water, and then see if you still have only cold water coming through the hot water lines to the shower. Be sure to let the water flow through your Arlington home’s water lines to the showers long enough to push the cold water out. If you still only have cold water, it’s time to explore other possible causes of cold water coming through the hot water supply lines.

Check the Water Heater Reset Button or Pilot Light

All electric hot water heaters have a reset button on them. If you’re experiencing cold water in your Arlington home’s showers, you might need to press the reset to see if that corrects the issue. The button should be easily accessible and clearly labeled. Once you press it, wait a bit so the heater can warm the cold water. If you still have cold water coming through the lines to the showers after letting the tap run for a bit, you need to move on to another cause of cold water coming out when you expect hot.

Gas water heaters have a pilot light, which can go out. If this happens, the heater can’t warm Arlington’s supply water, leaving the household with cold showers until you get the pilot light relit. You must do this correctly, following proper safety practices while you try to fix your cold water issue. The owner’s manual should have clear instructions for these steps. Follow them precisely and then allow time for the cold water to warm up. If you still are forced to take only cold showers in your Arlington home, it’s time to look for another reason for the problem.

Some homeowners aren’t comfortable trying to reset a hot water heater or relight a pilot light to prevent hot water lines from delivering only cold water. The professionals at 128 Plumbing will happily come out to determine if any of the above problems are causing the cold water issue and help you get it corrected, turning those cold morning showers into soothing hot sprays.

You May Have to Dig a Little Deeper to Solve the Cold Shower Dilemma

The underlying problem with your water heater might be more involved than those already mentioned, so you may need professional assistance to avoid constant cold showers. The experts at 128 Plumbing in Arlington can evaluate your Arlington shower to determine what’s going on with the water supply so that you don’t have to live with only cold water.

The evaluation process for addressing the issue of cold showers starts with checking to see if the thermostat is working correctly. The thermostat controls when the water heater cycles on to heat the cold water so you can enjoy warm showers. If this isn’t working as it should, the heating unit won’t activate properly, and your home will continually have cold water coming through the faucets and showers.

128 Plumbing professionals can also check the heating element, which warms the cold water for your showers. Even if the thermostat is working correctly, you will only have cold water showers with a malfunctioning heating element. Some hot water heaters have multiple heating elements, so you might not experience ice-cold water if only one goes out. Instead, the water in your Arlington home’s showers will feel lukewarm instead of hot.

Some savvy do-it-yourselfers might choose to handle these cold water repairs themselves; however, it’s usually best to leave them to the professionals at 128 Plumbing. Problems could arise while you’re trying to fix the cold water, which could force you to replace your hot water heater before it’s necessary. We can have one of our technicians visit your home to determine which of these problems is causing your cold water issue. Our experts are all backed by our guarantee, so you can rest assured that once the problem is corrected you won’t have to endure cold or lukewarm showers in Arlington, MA.

Supply Lines and Wiring Can Cause Cold Water Instead of Hot

Problems with the gas supply lines or electrical wiring can also cause cold water to flow through your hot water pipes. These problems are best repaired by a trained professional. The risk of injury and property damage is high, so don’t attempt to fix them yourself.

Even though you shouldn’t work on the gas supply or electrical lines, you don’t have to resign yourself to always freezing under cold showers. The experts at 128 Plumbing can evaluate the situation and let you know what needs to be done to stop the cold showers.

If you discover the cold water isn’t caused by a simple issue, you need to act swiftly because some instances of cold water supply are safety hazards. Frayed wires can lead to a short, which can prevent your water lines from producing anything other than cold water and potentially cause a fire. There’s also a chance that a wire is grounded when it shouldn’t be.

A water leak might not be an immediate safety hazard, but it can increase your Arlington water bill and prevent successful water heating, leaving you with cold temperatures. Often, a water bill will begin to creep up slightly before you notice the cold water in your hot water plumbing fixtures. If the water in the shower is starting to drift towards more frigid temperatures, check your water bill. You might find it’s higher than usual, which could signal a leak and explain the reason for the cold showers.

Fix Cold Showers with a Replacement Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters don’t last forever, and when they go out, you will quickly experience the shock of a cold shower. Sometimes, repairs are not an option, and you may need to replace your unit. The sooner you get this done, the quicker you can enjoy hot instead of cold showers.

If the hot water showers you had before the unexpected cold sprays set in had a rotten egg smell, it’s a sign that you may need to replace your Arlington hot water heater. The pros at 128 Plumbing can install a new hot water heater to supply your entire house as efficiently as possible and solve your cold water shower problems.

If you’re tired of dealing with cold shower venues in Arlington, call 128 Plumbing to schedule a time for one of our professionals to diagnose and fix your water and shower problem. Soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of hot water again, whether your washing dishes or taking long, relaxing steamy showers.

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