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Dispelling the Top Three Ductless AC Myths

Dispelling the Top Three Ductless AC Myths

You have plenty of options for air conditioning in your house. If you’re tired of the labor and upkeep of a traditional air conditioner system, you may be considering ductless split air conditioning. Perhaps you’re reluctant because you’ve heard certain myths about ductless split systems. 128 Plumbing wants to dispel the top three myths about ductless air conditioning or mini split systems as they’re sometimes called, so you can make an informed AC decision.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

To understand why ductless mini split AC myths came about in the first place, it’s important to get a handle on the features of a ductless AC system. Ductless mini split AC units are typically placed in homes without central heating and air conditioning. Some AC myths about ductless mini split cooling are simply a result of people confusing them with old-fashioned window AC units.

Ductless AC, or mini-split, is a great alternative for those with smaller homes, or those who reserve their main air conditioner for cooling the whole house but want greater temperature control over a smaller area. Despite the myths, ductless mini splits can be a great alternative to installing invasive AC ductwork.

AC Myths: Ductless AC Cools Unevenly

Of all the myths about ductless split air conditioning units, this might be the most prevalent. The positioning of a ductless mini split unit on the wall of one or more rooms in the home probably created these myths. Ductless air conditioning can make certain rooms cooler or warmer than others, specifically the rooms, they’re installed in, but they’re designed for more even cooling or heating than a window unit.

Ductless AC Truth

Many people believe ductless split myths because they’re incorrectly comparing ductless AC to a window AC unit. Window AC units are notorious for leaking and unevenly cooling rooms. The area directly in front of a traditional window unit may become overly cold, but farther away, the room is still too warm.

Ductless mini split systems work differently, however, so don’t believe the AC myths. These units move air throughout your home, distributing it evenly. Ductless mini splits may look a bit like some window AC units, but they evenly distribute air, ensuring that there are no icy cold or warm patches in your rooms.

AC Myths: Ductless Air Conditioning Provides Poor Air Quality

Another of the myths about ductless AC mini splits that many people still believe is that a ductless system worsens the interior air quality of your home. Some people think the ducts in a traditional HVAC system help reduce the amount of dirt or pollen that gets into your house. Other people believe these air conditioner myths because they don’t fully understand how a ductless mini split AC unit is constructed.

Ductless AC Truth

The myths regarding air quality in ductless split AC systems are especially worrisome to people considering ductless AC due to allergies or other respiratory sensitivities. Ductless units contain specially fitted filters and other self-cleaning functions that help purify the air in your home. The split filters collect spores, mold, dust, pollen, dirt, and anything else that might carry bacteria or other germs.

These ductless mini split AC myths can definitely be disproved. Not only do many mini splits provide better air quality, cleaning a ductless unit is simple. You can wash mini split AC filters with soap and water and air-dry. Cleaning the ductwork of a regular air conditioner can be labor-intensive and expensive, and often requires professional service.

AC Myths: A Ductless Air Conditioner is Only For Newer Homes

Other common AC myths about mini split ductless air conditioning concern what types of homes the units are best suited for. While a ductless split system may not be economical for large houses, they’re perfect for smaller homes, older homes without central AC, or additions. There are a lot of myths about what kind of houses should have ductless mini split air conditioning, and installing a ductless split system may even be a viable alternative when building a house, rather than building ductwork into the home, especially if the house is built to be well-insulated.

Ductless AC Truth

Of all the myths about mini splits, this one is the easiest to disprove. Older homes can be retro-fitted with split ductless AC units with less cost and less effort than installing ductwork in a house that wasn’t built with it. The split units are easy to install and require very little space, which makes them more efficient for smaller houses. Homeowners who wish to replace a window or wall-mounted air conditioning unit may prefer a split AC system.

Ductless split units are also a great choice for homeowners who have built an addition onto their house or converted a basement, attic, or garage that wasn’t connected to the ductwork into a living space. If you want to split control over the climate conditions in different rooms, then ductless AC is a much better choice than bulky, drafty window units.

Installing Your New Ductless Air Conditioning System

At 128 Plumbing, we understand the ins and outs of ductless AC mini split units, and we’re happy to help clear up any confusion about the AC myths surrounding them. If you want to upgrade your home or convert from central heat and air to split ductless, give us a call. We can evaluate your house and give you a custom ductless estimate.

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