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Do Andover Residents Need Ductless Systems?

For many people, having the proper indoor heating and air conditioning unit means being comfortable all year round. Residents in Andover, MA especially need suitable HVAC units in their homes to survive the blistering winters and heat swelling summers. If you are trying to find the proper heating and air unit for your home, choose the better option by going with a ductless mini-split.

The maintenance requirements on these systems are less demanding than central heating and air, and they can save you tons on your electric bill every month. If you are in the Andover, Massachusetts area, learn all about how a ductless system will give you the heating and air services you need while not breaking the bank.

What is a ductless mini-split?

A ductless mini-split is a unit that serves as a heater and service for air conditioning in a person’s home or commercial property. As the name suggests, a ductless mini-split sends air and heat without the use of ducts. Ducts in your home are what central air units need, but ductless systems work just fine without them. They produce the same energy, if not more.

These services can generate the same energy when heating and cooling a home that central air units do. Unlike central air units with a big indoor unit taking up space and might require remodeling, ductless heating and cooling systems are little boxes that are hung up on the wall or ceiling. Some houses even have them on the baseboard and their windows, but window ductless systems can be bulky and take away from the aesthetic of your home.

Ductless mini-splits are popular services for heat and air in residential homes because they offer homeowners a lot of flexibility in use and cost. These systems can help reduce the amount of energy used monthly, which trims down the electric bill, and homeowners can determine the heating or cooling setting.

If you are a homeowner who needs to upgrade their HVAC unit, or if you are building a house, consider installing ductless heating and cooling systems in your house. A positive to using these systems is that they do not need to go in every room of your home. You can select a few rooms to install the unit on the wall. These systems provide both heating and air conditioning once connected to the homes’ refrigerant lines.

Is this system better than others?

When people wonder if ductless heating and cooling systems are better than central HVAC units, there are areas where the ductless option stands out. Central air units are bulky and require an inside unit to be placed somewhere in the home that takes up a lot of room. These units can also be very noisy and loud. With a ductless system, homeowners do not have to worry about either of those things.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are very energy efficient and quiet. They do not waste heating or air like central units do since they are powered to every room and run almost on a schedule. Ductless mini-splits run based on the homeowner’s preferences and do not require any home construction for the placement of the indoor unit. Both central and ductless have outdoor units that are the condensers, but the indoor unit for ductless systems are hung on the wall.

Central ac units have to use the ducts in your home to run air through your home. Because of this, your ducts may get clogged from time to time and need to be cleaned, or worse, break. There are many repair issues a central unit may have that can cost you a fortune to keep fixing. Instead of always needing to repair expensive parts, ductless ac systems make it easier for you to trust that your system is working correctly. Plus, you get an extra five years of lifespan with a ductless system.

Do Andover, MA homes need a ductless system?

If you are a homeowner in the Andover, Massachusetts area, then you are very proficient in understanding the difference in temperatures all year long. You also know that these climates can cause you to use a lot of energy at different parts of the year, affecting your electric bill. Because of this, you need a ductless mini-split system.

A ductless mini-split offers Andover residential homes the ability to heat their house and use air conditioning when the time calls for it. These systems are straightforward to install and give people complete control over the temperatures they set in individual rooms or the whole house if residents choose to put them in every room.

Andover, Massachusetts residents, would benefit from these systems since these HVAC units are very energy efficient and flexible to be changed with heat or air to the homeowner’s preference.

What are the benefits of these heat and cooling systems?

There are several benefits for Andover, MA residents for going with a ductless heating and cooling unit, and one of those is the monthly electric bill. Since the homeowner very quickly homeowner’s preference controls ductless units, air and heat are not wasted like it is with a central unit.

Since a homeowner can control the amount of heat and air conditioning they use with a ductless system, this means they get to control their cost and energy that is being used. Ductless systems are a little more expensive upfront for installation, but by the time the unit has been installed and working, homeowners save more with these units than they do with central.

Another minor benefit to using one of these heating and cooling systems is that the air and heat pump is much quieter. Air and heat coming from these units are not having to travel through ducts in the house. These systems are potent and can trap a lot of dust and pollutants in your air. Without replacing them so often, you can damage your ductless mini-splits interior coils.

You want to make sure that your condenser coils are cleaned often for the outdoor unit of your ductless HVAC and that the oil pumps are staying lubricated. Working on the outdoor unit can be scary, so if you would like the help of a professional, call the best in the Andover area.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep up with the maintenance of your ductless HVAC unit since this will ensure your system lasts a long time.

How to install and take care of a cooling ductless mini-split?

The installation of a ductless mini-split system is straightforward but should be left to professionals in your area. Unlike central heating and air services, ductless systems can be installed in a matter of two days, and your house doesn’t have to undergo renovation like it would with a central unit. The professionals will need to connect your new HVAC unit to the refrigerant lines in your home to run the air in the selected rooms.

After the professionals set up your ductless HVAC system on the wall, you will be able to control the temperature in each room. Most residential ductless heating and air conditioning users select a few rooms to mount these systems on the wall, or some can be placed on the baseboard of your home. Typically, these systems are mounted high on the wall in the corner or on the ceiling. Some ductless heating and air systems can blend in with your home decor or be hidden with a safe cover meant explicitly for these systems.

It is crucial to understand that your ductless HVAC unit needs to be away from materials such as furniture, bookshelves, or curtains since these can cause fires if left unattended. Your ductless heating and air conditioning system needs to be spaced out by itself to prevent anything from happening.

Maintenance for your ductless system is pretty easy compared to how meticulous it could be with a central unit. Ductless heat and cooling services require consistent air filter changes to ensure the air quality in your home stays clean and that your indoor unit is dusted off weekly. Like central units, ductless systems have an outdoor unit that needs to be cleaned off.

The outdoor unit for a ductless mini-split can be cleaned by ensuring the unit stays clear of debris and that the inside is washed cleaned after turning off the energy to your home and turning the unit off to clean it properly.

Contact us for your plumbing and ductless air and heating services!

If you are in the Andover, MA area, call us at 128 Plumbing to set up your indoor ductless heat and air conditioning system today. Our team of professionals is ready to answer any questions you have about the installation process and how this system will fit your residential needs. We have the experience to install your new system properly and have you enjoying comfortable temperatures all year long.

Make better use of your heating and air by being able to control how much you use monthly. Enjoy the flexibility a ductless system can offer you in many ways by installing a unit today!

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