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Electrical Panel Upgrades: Wellesley Residential and Commercial Projects

Electrical Panel Upgrades: Wellesley Residental and Commercial Projects

Electrical panels are key to having electric power throughout your Wellesley building. It’s possible that the electrical panels that were installed when the Wellesley structure was built aren’t sufficient for the current electrical box needs, which means you may have to look into having updates done to the electrical panels. Wellesley electrical panel upgrades can help prevent some of the problems that come with insufficient electric power.

The professional electricians at 128 Plumbing are ready to make improvements to the electrical panel box in your Wellesley home or business. If you think you may need to make changes to the panel box in your building, you shouldn’t try to do the work yourself. Upgrading the electricity system in your Wellesley home or business is a dangerous job that requires special skills and care.

How Do You Know If Your Electrical Panel Box isn’t Sufficient for Your Wellesley Building?

Several signs may indicate that you need to upgrade your Wellesley building’s electrical panel. If it’s an older home or business, you may need to ensure you have suitable electrical power. Today, the average consumer uses 10,972 kWh of electricity per day. That’s a huge boost from what the average person used in 1950. Because of this, the electrical panels and boxes in homes built in prior decades may need updates.

Even though many electric appliances today are energy efficient, they still have a considerable draw on the Wellesley electrical system box. This causes the electric panel box in your Wellesley home or business to become overwhelmed quickly if upgrades aren’t completed. You may notice that your electrical appliances aren’t working optimally. Examples include a refrigerator that isn’t as cold as it should be or an air conditioning system that isn’t keeping the building at the set temperature.

You may also notice that the electric lights in your Wellesley home flicker. If this increases when you are operating certain electrical appliances, such as the microwave, upgrades to the system’s box are likely necessary, as this could be a sign that the electrical box can’t keep up with the demands. It could also lead to misdirected electricity that can cause fires and other hazards. Electrical problems are the cause of around 51,000 fires per year, and they cause around $1.3 billion in damage to property annually.

Another key factor that could indicate that your Wellesley electric box needs an upgrade is that the circuit breaker trips often. The circuit breakers serve an important purpose in making sure the electrical system doesn’t get overheated and cause a fire. Many older electrical box systems are based on 60 amps. The current power needs of Wellesley homes and businesses require anywhere from 100 to 200-amp systems in the electrical box.

Your Wellesley building may also need electrical panel box upgrades if you’re moving to a solar system. It’s best to have one of the Wellesley electricians from 128 Plumbing evaluate the current electrical panel box to determine whether upgrades are necessary. It’s also smart to do this before you install the solar energy system so you don’t have to worry about setbacks that could get costly down the road.

Special Considerations of Electrical Box Updates in Wellesley

When our Wellesley electricians come to handle electrical panel box upgrades, they’ll speak to you to find out what makes up a typical day in your home or business. They need to determine what types of electric box upgrades are necessary to give your home optimal power. Our Wellesley electricians need to know which appliances you use often and whether you frequently use extension cords, pulling electric power from other areas of the house.

One of the main things to remember when the electrical box is upgraded is that the power to the home must be turned off. This is to ensure that the 128 Plumbing Wellesley electricians can safely complete the electrical box job without endangering themselves or your property. If you’re having this electrical project done when the weather isn’t the best, you may want to make other arrangements for yourself and your family.

Alternative to Electrical Box Upgrades for Wellesley Structures

Sometimes, the best course of action for the electric upgrades is to leave the current electrical box alone. This would be the case if you already have a 100 or 200-amp electrical box but still need to have more electrical power available. In this case, our Wellesley electricians can install a sub-panel to supply the areas of the building impacted by low power.

The bonus in having an electric sub-panel box is that it’s often easier to address issues when they come up. Some people prefer this option since it doesn’t involve having to replace the current electrical panel box.

When our Wellesley electrician comes to your home or business, they can explain all the options you have for addressing the electric power issues that you are experiencing. You can ask them questions so that you can make an informed decision about the electric panel box.

Get Expert Help from Our Wellesley Electricians

Replacing the electrical system box at your Wellesley home or business isn’t a do-it-yourself job. It’s a difficult undertaking that requires knowledge of the most current electrical codes and the acceptable methods to get the job done. Our professionals at 128 Plumbing are ready to help you get the electrical box replaced or upgraded, so you have the electrical service you need.

Contact our friendly staff at 781-670-3261 around-the-clock to find out what we can do to help you enjoy a sufficient electricity supply at your Wellesley structure. Our electricians will treat your home with care when they arrive for your appointment.

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