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Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter in Weston

Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter in Weston

From duct cleaning to cleaning the furnace itself, there is much to do to get your furnace operating its best before winter in Weston hits. Luckily, this type of cleaning doesn’t have to be hard to do. At 128 Plumbing, our team provides all of the ductwork and cleaning you need, along with full furnace repair and cleaning. Before winter comes, let’s take a look at your duct cleaning and furnace repair needs.

What Type of HVAC Cleaning Is Necessary?

When it comes to furnace maintenance and preventing the necessity of a repair visit, you need to take a number of cleaning steps to ensure the duct, furnace, and all other components are in good working order. Take a look at a few tips for necessary cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

Start with duct cleaning. The duct system is a series of vent-like structures that help to move heated air through the home. They need to be clean; if they haven’t had professional cleaning before, it’s time to consider it. The cleaning process removes all of the dust, debris, dander, and other material that gets caught in the system. This improves your indoor air quality. And this type of cleaning service also ensures there’s no buildup to clog the furnace.

With routine maintenance for the duct work, you can reduce both duct cleaning and furnace repair needs. Your duct system runs throughout the house. That means the duct system picks up debris at every point, requiring a full duct cleaning process that addresses each area of the home. Duct cleaning needs to be done professionally by a duct cleaning specialist to ensure the duct is cleaned thoroughly.

Duct cleaning also reduces allergens, which means duct cleaning can help you feel good through the Weston winter months. Duct cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process and a good starting point. Once the duct is clean, you’re ready to move on to other steps.

Filter Cleaning

During the cold Massachusetts weather, you will often run your heating system regularly for long periods of time, which brings a lot of foreign material into the filters. Cleaning the filter system is best done every month during the winter. Cleaning the filter is possible by either replacing or washing it, depending on the type you have. This step is just as important as duct cleaning, and like duct cleaning, you should follow the furnace manufacturer’s recommendations.

Filter cleaning also helps with duct cleaning management. You may not have to do a lot of repeat duct cleaning if you maintain the filters because duct cleaning becomes more necessary when filters are clogged. Anything the filter can’t hold goes into the duct, and a buildup of material will occur in the duct. This makes the duct a lot less energy-efficient, and the process of duct cleaning may become more extensive and expensive. Avoid all of this necessary duct cleaning by keeping filters clean first

Cleaning Vents and Air Intakes

Another key step in cleaning and repair for your Weston furnace is to clean the vents and air intake areas. These bring air into the furnace, and cleaning them is necessary to ensure air can enter easily. Clean all vents in each room of the home. You can clean them using a simple dust mop, but be sure to clean them thoroughly. Cleaning them mechanically can also be done using a vacuum attachment that can suck and clean out dust and dander.

Also, look for air intakes outside the home. Cleaning leaves and debris from these openings is important. All duct and furnace repair should focus on cleaning these areas well to ensure proper airflow into the furnace.

You may find cleaning difficult to do on some older systems in the Weston area. Sometimes, your owner’s manual can provide cleaning instructions to help with this. And if you find damage, have a repair technician complete full repair services. Don’t overlook the value of repair on your old or new system. With good repair and cleaning, you can avoid countless problems.

Balance Moisture

Another important cleaning task involves moisture. From the duct to the heating system, too much humidity can cause mold buildup in the air. Like duct cleaning, it’s very important to remove any type of mold present. One way to avoid having to do extensive cleaning is to install a humidifier. This, along with boiler repair if you need it, can help to minimize duct contamination with mold spores. If mold spores get into the duct, they can spread through the home. Duct cleaning can help remove them, but even with duct cleaning, you need to find and remove the source of the mold. Proper maintenance and repair of the furnace help keep the ducts clean and moisture-free as well as the furnace itself.

Repair the Furnace Annually

Repair is a critical step in maintaining your furnace. Every furnace needs repair at various times during the furnace lifespan. While things like duct cleaning and filter cleaning make a difference, you should meet all repair needs on an ongoing basis. With proper repair, you ensure the system is working at its best. Repair should always be done by a licensed professional specializing in furnace repair and cleaning in Weston. Your regular repair person can provide the best cleaning and maintenance for these systems. You can also turn to 128 Plumbing for ductwork, duct repair, and duct cleaning services.

Routine Maintenance

While repair is necessary when a breakdown occurs, you can avoid some repair problems by having routine maintenance completed on your furnace. Maintenance on your furnace should include a thorough inspection of the furnace, ductwork, interior and exterior vents, thermostat, and all other working components of the furnace.

It’s common for a repair issue to arise during a furnace maintenance call or inspection. That’s okay because the repair technicians can handle the maintenance, duct cleaning, and repair at the same time. Duct cleaning isn’t necessarily a main component of the repair and maintenance process. However, you can ask your repair technician to handle this for you, along with any other repair or maintenance. In Weston, you should have maintenance, duct cleaning, and any repairs attended to at least once a year.

Get Cleaning and Repair Help in Weston

In Weston, cleaning and repair services are available at 128 Plumbing. We handle all of your cleaning and repair needs with precision. We can help ensure your cleaning and repair is done properly by following the required cleaning and repair schedule from your furnace manufacturer. If you have repair needs or require cleaning services or other assistance, call 128 Plumbing today.

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