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Home Automation: Monitor Those Pets!

Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge

There is no need to fret about leaving your dogs and cats at home unattended anymore. Pet care requires time, money, and attention. Due to work or family circumstances, it can be challenging to be a responsible pet owner. However, with the Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge, you can monitor, not only the comings and goings of your kids and others, but be clued into the happenings of your pets as well. The Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge takes the challenge out of pet care in so many ways.

Here is how

With the Nexia’s Home Intelligence Bridge, you can maintain eyes and ears on your pets from the office, or even the grocery story. Using Z-Wave technology, the Intelligence Bridge can communicate with any electronic device using low power radio waves. This next-generation technology enables live video feed of anywhere—from your backyard to your bedroom—to be sent directly to a tablet, phone or computer. Now, it is possible to see whether Sparky is really taking a nap or quarreling with the next door neighbor’s cat. Because you can observe what is occurring in your backyard or within your house remotely, stressing about the security and wellbeing of those at home is a thing of the past.

Z-Wave technology not only makes it possible to watch your pets via a remote camera, it also allows you to remotely turn on your house lights or lock your door. If you’re afraid that Sparky might escape into the street, simply lock the back gate using an application from a portable device at any location. Finding your pet on the camera can be made easier by turning on the lights in your house or yard with a simple touch on your tablet. Before the innovation of home intelligence systems you had to pay for pet sitters or confine your pet to specific areas of the house to prevent escape. The Nexia hub eliminates expense and hassle of hiring help, but also makes it easier to keep your pet secure and happy. For more information on the Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge, or to get it installed right away, please contact us today. We would be happy to help you.

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