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HVAC Maintenance

Your family’s comfort depends on the performance and reliability of the furnace and air conditioner that make up your Eastern Massachusetts home’s HVAC system. And just like any other type of mechanical equipment, your HVAC needs regular maintenance to keep it operating smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Whether you keep forgetting to schedule HVAC maintenance or don’t think it’s really necessary, neglecting preventive maintenance for your HVAC equipment leaves it vulnerable to a host of problems that can adversely affect your comfort, safety, and energy bills. One of the most valuable home maintenance tips we can share at 128 Plumbing is to stress the importance of regular HVAC maintenance.

Why HVAC Maintenance Matters

Consider the potential problems that can develop if you neglect auto maintenance, such as changing the oil, replacing the fuel filter, checking the tire pressure, and paying attention to the “check engine” light. This lack of maintenance can soon have you worried that your vehicle may break down and leave you stranded unexpectedly.

Timely HVAC maintenance is even more critical because this essential household system contains the components that keep your family warm during the harsh North Shore winters and comfortably cool throughout the hot, humid summers.

When to Schedule HVAC Maintenance For Your Eastern Massachusetts Property

To keep your HVAC system in good working condition, you should schedule maintenance for the air conditioning each spring, before the sticky Middlesex County summer arrives. Each fall have professional maintenance performed on your heating system, so it’s in optimal condition when cold winter weather settles in here in the Greater Boston area. The hassle-free way to ensure your HVAC system gets the maintenance it needs is to sign up for one of the annual service plans offered by a trusted local HVAC company like 128 Plumbing.

HVAC Maintenance Provides Appreciable Benefits

When you schedule annual maintenance on both the heating and cooling sides of your HVAC system, you can reap a number of benefits including:

  • Potential savings on energy bills. If your household energy bills have been trending up but your usage hasn’t changed significantly, the increase may be directly related to a lack of HVAC maintenance. Proper maintenance helps your HVAC equipment retain its original level of energy efficiency. Without maintenance, your HVAC system’s efficiency actually declines with use and age, and your energy costs rise.
  • Less likelihood of breakdowns and failures. The steps a skilled 128 Plumbing HVAC technician takes during routine maintenance can catch developing issues before they escalate and cause a breakdown and an expensive repair, or worse, a component failure that requires replacement. These maintenance-related events are more likely to happen at the peak of the heating or cooling season when your HVAC system is under the heaviest workload and when a lack of maintenance can cause you the greatest inconvenience and discomfort.
  • Greater safety and peace of mind. Preventive HVAC maintenance lets you avoid expensive repairs and premature equipment replacements and can help protect your family from potential safety hazards. During a maintenance visit, your 128 Plumbing HVAC technician checks for venting obstructions and cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger that may cause exhaust fume back drafting or carbon monoxide leaks and wiring and electrical component deficiencies that pose a fire risk.
  • Prolonged HVAC component lifespan. With routine maintenance, any emerging issues can be identified and fixed while they’re still minor, and this can allow your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump to stay running reliably, and exceed its expected service life.

What Should Professional HVAC Maintenance Include?

The services included in a maintenance appointment can vary a lot depending on the HVAC company you hire. Here at 128 Plumbing, our highly trained HVAC technicians perform a wide range of maintenance tasks that cover all the key aspects of your heating and air conditioning system. Here are some of the critical maintenance steps taken during a preventive HVAC visit:

Testing the Thermostat

Your technician makes sure the thermostat is properly calibrated to provide accurate temperature control both winter and summer. If your HVAC system isn’t already controlled by a programmable model, your maintenance technician can install one to help you save energy.

Cleaning and Adjusting the Blower Unit

A dirty or poorly functioning blower unit can result in a decline in airflow through the system and cause a loss of HVAC energy efficiency. When it’s cleaned and adjusted during a maintenance visit, your house can stay comfortable, and your energy bills won’t start to climb.

Lubricating Motors and Other Moving Parts

Friction due to a lack of lubrication can result in overheating and an HVAC component breakdown. Adding lubricant during annual maintenance can help prevent unnecessary wear and keep your HVAC equipment running reliably.

Inspecting the Furnace Flue

Your maintenance technician checks for blockages in the HVAC flue to ensure that hazardous combustion fumes are venting properly.

Tightening Fuel Line and Electrical Connections

These two safety-wise maintenance steps can avert possible fuel leaks and electrical short circuits.

Cleaning the Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Dirt buildup on the coils interferes with the heat transfer process, which adversely affects your HVAC’s ability to cool and dehumidify your home properly and efficiently. When they’re cleaned yearly during routine maintenance, you can avoid an increase in your energy bills and have a less sticky, more comfortable home.

Checking the Refrigerant Level

A low refrigerant level can increase your HVAC system’s energy consumption and put extra strain on your cooling equipment. Your 128 Plumbing maintenance pro can locate and repair any leaks in the refrigerant lines, and recharge the system to the proper level.

Cleaning and Checking the Furnace Burner and Heat Exchanger

Performing maintenance and inspecting the burner and heat exchanger ensures their proper operation and alerts you to potential safety hazards.

HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Tackle

While most HVAC maintenance should be left to a trained, experienced professional, there are some maintenance tasks you can tackle in between visits from your 128 Plumbing HVAC technician. These basic maintenance steps can help keep your HVAC equipment running at optimal efficiency and reduce the likelihood of mid-season emergencies:

  • Monitor your HVAC air filter.Clogged filters can impede vital airflow through an HVAC system, so check yours every month, and replace it when there’s any visible debris accumulation. This simple maintenance chore can keep your HVAC equipment working efficiently and prevent issues like coil icing or furnace overheating.
  • Perform regular HVAC register maintenance. Vacuum your HVAC registers routinely and make sure they’re never blocked by furniture, throw rugs, kids’ toys, or long curtains. This kind of basic maintenance also helps ensure proper HVAC system airflow.
  • Complete easy outdoor unit maintenance.You can make sure there’s ample airflow through the outdoor HVAC coil by completing a few easy maintenance steps. Keep yard debris cleaned up, and foliage and grass trimmed back, so there’s two feet of clearance around the condenser cabinet. Periodically, gently hose down the unit to wash grass clippings and dirt off the cabinet and coil.

128 Plumbing Provides Expert HVAC Maintenance Throughout Eastern Massachusetts

To schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment for your North Shore home or to learn more about our HVAC maintenance service plans, call us today at 781-670-3261.

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