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HVAC Repairs in Melrose

If you live in Melrose and you need HVAC repairs, there’s a good chance you’re wondering who to call. You’re probably got too many choices, and at first glance, they can be tough to sort out. Should you contact that guy in a van whose logo you remember? How about that company you read about somewhere? Maybe the one a friend might have recommended, or the one with some really good Yelp and Google reviews? 

Sorting it out can be a bit of a hassle, but there’s actually a simple solution—call 128 PlumbingWhy? Because we’re the best in the business when it comes to HVAC repairs, we have expert HVAC techs, electricians, and plumbers who can solve any problem in or related to your system. 

We also know what some of the most common repairs are, so let’s take a brief tour through those and explain what the fixes are. 

Improper Maintenance and Your Melrose HVAC Repair Company

If you’ve neglected to do regular maintenance on your HVAC system, don’t feel bad—you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us, and it might actually be the most common problem our HVAC techs encounter. One reason you shouldn’t feel bad is that the fixes are often simple and easy. If you haven’t had regular inspections done on your system in a while, the solution to your problem can be as basic as cleaning your burners, air filters, and air ducts. Once we do that work for you, your system will work much better, and you’ll likely save some money on your energy bills, too. 

Service for Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

Air filters may seem like an ancillary element of your HVAC system, but they’re important. If they’re dirty, your furnace will have trouble circulating clean air, and if they become clogged they can actually cause a breakdown that could require furnace repair. But dirt isn’t the only potential problem. Some people compromise their HVAC system by using the wrong filters, which is definitely an easy fix. Other issues can compromise filters, too. Pet hair is a common one, and the quality of the air in your neighbourhood can be part of the problem as well.  

We have the experience to evaluate all these issues, whether it’s a simple filter replacement or a more involved fix. We’ll get your HVAC system working the way it’s supposed to, and we’ll do it without disrupting your daily schedule if the repair is basic enough.  

Melrose Furnace Repair and Mechanical Wear and Tear

It’s common for people to ignore the advancing age of their HVAC system, especially if it’s been operating reliably for a long time. As these systems age, though, they sometimes malfunction from overuse, especially given the severity of New England winters. We can diagnose any wear and tear-related issues and make the appropriate recommendations, whether it’s simple maintenance and repair or a replacement that will heat your home more effectively and save you money in the long run. 

Furnace Cycle Issues

We may not be consciously aware of the cycles of our furnaces, but we are used to the background noise they produce. We know how long it takes for them to come on once we’ve upped the thermostat setting, and we know the noise they typically produce at the end of a cycle. If these cycle noises change without warning, though, it’s a good sign that your furnace needs help. The possibilities include thermostat issues, a clogged filter that’s leading to airflow issues, or a problem in the furnace itself. 

Furnace Noises

These tend to be easier to identify. They’re usually very different from typical furnace noises—think squealing to a loud clanging, which may be due to a bad belt or bearings that are worn out. The diagnosis is usually simple, but it does take a high level of expertise to figure out the problem, so make sure you call us right away to prevent a furnace failure.  

Service for a Broken Thermostat

One of the most common problems our HVAC techs encounter is a broken thermostat, so it’s usually one of the first things we check when we repair in Melrose. Sometimes the issue may be with the thermostat itself, but there are other possibilities. A faulty fan, for instance, can wreak havoc with your heating system and make it difficult to deliver the thermostat setting you’ve chosen.  

Ignition Control Issues and Pilot Light Problems in Melrose

These two heating devices basically perform the same function. In a gas heater, the pilot light makes it possible for the furnace to provide heat, while the ignition control performs this function in many other kinds of heating systems. If you have problems with either one, call us and we’ll get you up and running again. 

Heating Service When You Have No Heat

This is a common problem, but the issues causing it tends to run the gamut. They may be related to a lack of maintenance, a thermostat problem, or something in your system as a whole, so it’s important to get the problem diagnosed correctly.  

Insufficient Heating

This problem also comes with several possible solutions. Clogged filters can be a common fix, but many people don’t realize that their heaters are actually too small to service the space they’re trying to heat. Either way, we can tell you what’s going on and get you warm and cozy again. 

Blower Problems

Your blower does yeoman work as part of your heating and cooling system, but if it’s running constantly it may be working too hard. This can be due to a broken limit switch that’s not functioning properly, and there are other possibilities as well. It’s important to get the problem fixed, so make sure you call us right away. 

Fix Your HVAC System Problems the Right Way

Now that you know what the most common problems are when it comes to HVAC repair Melrose, let’s get right to the solution. Call us at (888) 419-4233 or (781) 670-3261We’ll answer your questions and schedule you for service and offer a service program possibility. You can also go to 128Plumbing.com and start a live chat, and we have some great blogs and articles there to help educate you about your HVAC system, your HVAC repair company, how repairs, services, and replacement are typically done, and how to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

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