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As HVAC experts who have worked in Reading for over 25 years, we are certainly familiar with the area. In this post, the 128 team shares some interesting facts about the town of Reading, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is a state known for its deep roots in history, but do you know other towns or cities other than Boston? Reading, MA is a history-filled town with lots of exciting facts every resident or soon-to-be resident should know. If you are thinking of moving to Reading in the future or are curious about learning more about your new hometown, here are some interesting facts to surprise you about this quaint, friendly place!


Reading, MA is located 12 miles to the north of Boston, making it a little over 30 minutes to get to the big city. If you are looking for a well-off location without the hustle and bustle of big lights and busy streets, Reading is the place to live. The town has approximately 25,000 residents, with the average age of its citizens being 42. If you wanted to break down Reading’s diversity, most of the population is predominantly white, including the Asian community and other races making up 2.2% of the remaining population. People who live in Reading, MA, are typically settled in their career and have an average yearly income of over $100,000.

Daily Life

Those living with families in Reading, MA, can feel comforted knowing that they live in a relatively safe area. According to statistics, Reading, MA was ranked as the 19th safest town in the nation out of 100 analyzed towns. Apart from its friendly environment and helpful local government services, Reading is known for having high-ranking schools. This means that all children receive a top-notch education in the Reading Public School District. What people like most about living in Reading, MA, is the diversity all around them. Reading is a small, suburban town with a friendly community that is not too far away from the booming city. Since Reading is farther from Boston than Winchester is, the community is more remote. It carries a small-town feel, making it the perfect place to raise a family.

Seasonal Weather

If you are moving to Massachusetts, you have likely heard of the blistering winters. Preparing yourself for Reading’s seasonal weather can be a great thing, so you know what to expect.

The weather during the spring months is usually very chilly, with its high average being around 45 degrees, possibly slightly over. However, the summer months are more comfortable and not sweltering like it is down south. This is when the warm weather typically peaks for MA residents and reaches somewhere between 75 to 80 degrees as the high and 65 degrees as the low.

The fall weather is when everything starts to cool down. You can expect the weather to start dipping and balancing between 65 to somewhere mid or lower 40s. Then, when the wintertime rolls around, it’s time to make sure the heating pump is ready! Reading’s average winter weather is can reach a high of 30 degrees with a low around 10 degrees or less. Be prepared for frigid weather and snow or ice! Be sure to bundle up if you intend to go out in the Reading weather.

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