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Live in Reading, MA, and Have a Boiler? Here Are Some Steam Boiler Maintenance Tips

Live in Reading, MA, and Have a Boiler? Here Are Some Steam Boiler Maintenance Tips

As with all heating systems in Massachusetts, having a functional, efficient boiler is a must with our cold and changeable winter weather. If you rely on a steam boiler for heating in Reading, MA, maintenance is an important requirement. Boiler maintenance doesn’t have to be complex, and if done properly and consistently, it helps ensure a long, reliable life for your heating system.

At 128 Plumbing, we can provide all your heating and boiler repair and maintenance needs. We serve all of Reading, MA, and the surrounding areas. Here are some helpful tips about what routine heating maintenance of boilers in Massachusetts should include:

Keep Air Vents and Flues Clean for Your Heating System in MA

One key part of maintenance for MA boilers is ensuring the air vents and flues are clear of debris. Though steam boilers are less likely to create a fire hazard if there’s a blockage, any type of obstruction causes a drop in the efficiency of the heating system. Maintenance should include checking for and removing any material blocking the vents or flue to ensure proper airflow. In Reading, MA, we recommend doing this in the summer or early fall.

Check on the Water Level in Your Heating System in MA

Steam boilers must contain a certain amount of water for heating the home. If the water level in the boiler drops, it can damage the boiler beyond the point of repair. Check the water level every other week to ensure it’s consistent. If the water level is low, or you need to add water often, you may need to call 128 Plumbing to have your Reading, MA, heating system inspected to determine if it needs repair.

Lubricate Your Reading, MA, Home’s Heating System

Regular lubrication of a boiler heating system is vital to keep it working properly and avoid needless repair expenses. Your MA boiler is a mechanical system with components that can wear out due to friction if there’s a lack of lubrication. Pumps, fan motors, and other moving parts of the heating system need lubrication to prevent damaging friction. Regularly lubricating these boiler components can provide ample protection from wear and tear and help keep the heating system operating reliably. This type of heating maintenance task is best performed by skilled professionals, so contact us at 128 Plumbing if the boiler in your Reading, MA, home needs attention.

Descale Your Heating System in MA

Descaling can be an essential part of boiler maintenance, especially for steam heating models. Boilers rely on water to operate, and water in some areas of Massachusetts can contain high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium, so scale can build up on the working parts of a heating system. Scale buildup in boilers can adversely affect their proper operation. Over time, as the scale collects, the heating capability of the system can start to decline, and breakdowns that require repair are more likely to occur. If you notice a white discoloration on the boiler’s interior components, it may be time to consider descaling your MA heating system.

Look for Leaks in the Heating System in Your MA Home

Boiler leaks that require repair aren’t a common occurrence in MA if the system receives proper maintenance. The amount of use heating systems get in areas such as Reading, Massachusetts, combined with a lack of maintenance increases the likelihood that leaks may occur. When you check your Reading, MA, boiler every few weeks, be sure to take note of water puddles or dried water stains around the exterior. If you notice any such signs around the outside of the boiler, don’t hesitate to get it inspected by the Reading, MA, plumbing team at 128 Plumbing.

Heating System Maintenance You Should Do Weekly in Reading, MA

In Reading, MA, maintaining your heating system is necessary because of the harsh MA winters, and it can help you avoid unnecessary repair bills as well. There are two components of maintenance for boilers you need to consider. First, there are chores you can complete yourself on a routine basis. Then, there are heating system maintenance tasks only an MA plumber should handle. Here’s a look at how to take care of your heating system.

  • Steam boilers need a certain amount of water to function properly in MA. Check the water level every one to two weeks when you’re using the heating system.
  • If you need to add water to the system, turn off the heat at the thermostat, wait for the heating system to cool down, and then top up the water to the appropriate level, but don’t add overfill.
  • Inspect the heating system weekly for signs of leaks. Boilers with leaks should get immediate attention from an MA plumbing repair professional.

Next, know when to call your Reading, MA, experienced heating team for an inspection or to make needed repairs. If there’s any sign of damage or problems with your heating system, don’t operate your boiler and call us as soon as possible.

  • Schedule annual maintenance for your heating system. In Reading, MA, we recommend tackling heating system maintenance in September before the colder weather arrives.
  • If you discover a leak, call us regardless of the season so we can get the source located and repairs made as soon as possible.
  • If the heating system makes any loud sounds, call right away so our Reading, MA, team can diagnose the cause and make any needed repairs.

Reading, Massachusetts, property owners should consider repair and maintenance a priority. When you keep your heating system working properly in MA, you minimize the need to replace the heating system prematurely. With our cold winter weather in Massachusetts, you’ll also benefit from a more energy-efficient heating system. Having routine maintenance and needed repair services performed by our experienced technicians at 128 Plumbing in MA can help you save money on your heating bills and avoid discomfort over the winter months.

Do You Need Heating Repair in Reading, MA?

Serving the Eastern Massachusetts area, 128 Plumbing is the full-service steam boiler repair and maintenance experts. We’re here to make sure your Reading heating system is working reliably and efficiently this year. We work on all types of heating systems, including steam boilers, and we can also install a new heating system if your older model isn’t working well. Call our Reading, MA, team for immediate service or repair of your heating system.

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