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Melrose Drain Problems? Why Drain Cleaning Yourself Can Be a Terrible Idea

Melrose Drain Problems? Why Drain Cleaning Yourself Can Be a Terrible Idea

Slow-moving drains or those that don’t drain at all are not uncommon in Melrose. This is especially true in some of the older homes throughout Melrose and the Boston area. It’s also not unusual for homeowners to purchase chemicals to pour down their drains to clear them. However this type of drain cleaning may damage the pipes, requiring more expensive repairs.

To clean your drain or sewer lines, put your trust in 128 Plumbing. Our Melrose plumbers can provide fast, reliable service without damaging your lines in the process.

Are Drain Cleaners Bad for Your Melrose Home?

Drain cleaners are advertised heavily as a solution for clogged drains. Using drain cleaning products in your Melrose home may provide a small amount of improvement in the draining of water from a sink, but it doesn’t fix the underlying cause completely, which often leads to using drain cleaners on a regular basis.

What Chemical Drain Cleaning Products Do in Your Melrose Home?

Chemical-based drain cleaners are caustic chemicals. They work to clean the drains by dissolving the material built up in the plumbing lines. The chemicals create a chemical reaction that generates a high amount of heat. This dissolves some clogs, but at the same time, it also eats away at the pipes themselves.

Many Melrose homes today have PVC piping for their plumbing. The PVC piping can soften from this chemical reaction, causing changes in the material and, over time, creating a higher risk of holes and breakages. Some older Melrose homes have metal pipes. The chemical reaction of chemical drain cleaners can cause corrosion of these pipes, increasing the risks of damage to them and shortening their lifespan.

In some cases, drain cleaning using these products doesn’t work at all. If you have a large clog in your Melrose home’s plumbing lines, and you pour chemicals down the drain to dissolve it, these chemicals may just sit there as they’re unable to pass through. This happens when the blockage is too large. Now the drain cleaning chemicals are in constant contact with your pipes without any chance of movement. Pouring more drain cleaner down the pipes doesn’t help either; it worsens the risks.

In every Melrose home, the use of any of these products is not recommended. Even if the clog is small, proper cleaning of the drain is essential.

Simple Drain Cleaning Secrets You Can Do

There are a few things you can do to help keep your Melrose home’s plumbing system flowing.

  • Pour a cup of baking soda and a half of a cup of vinegar down the drain on a weekly basis to help safely dissolve buildup on the pipes.
  • Rinse your drains with very hot water to help minimize pipe sediment.

Melrose Drain Cleaning Solutions: The Right Solution for Clogged Drains

Unclogging Melrose, Massachusetts, drains isn’t easy work. That’s why our team of Melrose plumbers should be the first people you call when you notice slowing drains and sewer lines.

Drain cleaning and sewer cleaning requires a professional who can determine where the clog is and then properly remove it without the use of chemical-based cleaning products.

In-Home Drain Cleaning in Melrose

Drain cleaning for all lines within your Melrose home starts with determining the location of the clog. A backup in an upstairs bathroom sink may be due to a clog in the laundry room below, for example. This depends on the setup of your Melrose home. By working to determine where you need drain cleaning, we can safely remove the piping, clean the drain out, and replace it. Drain cleaning like this preserves the pipe and creates a far more thorough cleaning.

Call our Melrose team if you notice your drain is moving slowly or not at all. Also, call us if your Melrose plumbing system has a foul odor coming from it. This can indicate the need for drain cleaning as well as treatment of the interior drain lines.

Sewer Cleaning in Melrose

Sewer cleaning is also important for most Melrose homes. The sewer lines in your Melrose home help move water from each of the drains out to the city’s lines. These sewer lines can become clogged with material flowing through the drain system. Tree roots, damage to the exterior sewer lines, and normal wear and tear can also make these sewer lines break, leading to blockages and a need for sewer repair.

Our team can help with this type of sewer cleaning. One way is by cleaning sewer lines using jetting. Jetting sewer lines for cleaning purposes involves using pressurized water to force the material through the sewer line. By cleaning them with this method, there’s no damage to your Melrose home’s pipes.

To determine if sewer cleaning is necessary, we can use a camera to inspect the Melrose property’s sewer lines first. The camera is placed into the lines prior to cleaning the sewer and then again after the process is complete. It lets us see the condition of the Melrose sewer lines up close, so our Melrose team can pinpoint the specific area of concern and see where more cleaning is necessary or where sewer line repairs are required.

Routine Maintenance for Melrose Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning

Prevention of clogs and sewer line and drain line damage is best for your Melrose home. All Melrose homes would benefit from drain and sewer maintenance, which may include jetting the Melrose home’s drain and sewer lines every year or every other year. An inspection of the sewer and drain lines can also be helpful every few years.

Drain and sewer cleaning and maintenance reduces the risk of costly line repairs. Removing broken sewer lines from outside the Melrose home can be very costly. Avoid this by scheduling routine plumbing service, drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning with our Melrose plumbing team.

For Melrose Sewer and Drain Cleaning, Call Our Team First

In Melrose, drain cleaning starts with a call to 128 Plumbing. Protect your pipes by bringing in the professionals, and never pour any type of chemical drain cleaner down your sinks, toilets, or other drains.

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