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New Thermostat, New Technology

Home heating and home air conditioning are necessary in order to keep comfortable in the ever changing New England weather. Unfortunately, in order to keep the comfort levels up, our home energy and heating bills also see an increase.  One way to help take the sting out of your energy and heating bill is to update your older model thermostats. Doing this could save an average home owner as much as 33% on their energy bill a year when programmed properly.  With the different types of technology available today, homeowners are offered a variety of options when selecting a new thermostat.

One of the more popular options when choosing a new thermostat is a seven day programmable option.  These thermostats allow homeowners to manually set temperatures of their homes based around a daily schedule. These thermostats are easy to install and can make a home more comfortable by adjusting temperatures to the homeowners preferences. For example, if the homeowner likes a cooler temperature at night, this type of thermostat can be programmed to start cooling down the house a half hour before bedtime, and start warming up the house a half hour before the homeowner wakes up.

Another type of thermostat on the market is the connected “smart” thermostat.  This type of thermostat is connected to the internet making it possible to control your homes temperature via the web. While these types of thermostats are also programmable, this technology is great for those who forget to program their units, or for those who have changing schedules. Many of these models are also controllable via an app, allowing the homeowner to control the temperature of their home from their smartphone.  Many of these models offer user friendly touch screen options, and real time energy consumption figures allowing the homeowner to see the amount of energy being consumed at different times of the day or night.

One of the newer types of “smart” thermostats on the market is known as the smart learning thermostat.  These thermostats are connected to the internet, and its technology allows for the unit to “learn” its owners heating and cooling habits. These units also come equipped with sensors that detect motion, light and humidity, allowing for changes in set temperatures.  With this technology being so new, there are a few kinks left to be worked out, but overall these types of thermostats are great for those who want to have the “set it and forget it” option with their thermostat.

With so many options available, it is best to do some research and see what options would best work for your type of lifestyle. Prices and installation costs on these units vary but can be made up with the savings you will see on your bill. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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