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Service Contracts for HVAC in Wakefield: What Terms and Conditions Are Important to Know

Service Contracts for HVAC in Wakefield: What Terms and Conditions Are Important to Know

Thanks to Massachusetts’ hot summers and cold, windy winters, Wakefield residents are very dependent upon a well-functioning HVAC system. Many homeowners may worry about a premature breakdown of their heating and cooling equipment. It’s important to have your Wakefield HVAC equipment inspected and preventive maintenance performed on its components to keep your system in prime condition. A service contract with a reputable Wakefield HVAC contractor like 128 Plumbing provides a measure of protection for your HVAC system.

When you contact a Wakefield HVAC expert about a residential service contract, you should ask for a copy so you can review it. While many points are standard in Wakefield HVAC contracts, all Wakefield residents should read an HVAC service document thoroughly before signing it. Here are a few tips to help you fully understand your Wakefield HVAC service contract.

Easy to Understand

One hallmark of a good Wakefield HVAC service contract is that it’s easy to understand. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s short because there’s a lot that must be covered in your HVAC service contract. Instead, it should be free from a lot of legalese and complex speech that makes it hard to understand. The person who discusses a Wakefield HVAC service contract with you should be able to answer your questions, so you know exactly what your signing. The experienced professionals at 128 Plumbing are pros at explaining HVAC service contracts.

List of What HVAC Equipment Is Covered

One area that differs greatly among Wakefield HVAC service contracts is what’s included. Some include only preventive maintenance work, while others cover additional services. One item to check for is what HVAC parts and labor are covered. Included in the contract should be a list of what will be checked while they’re doing your HVAC inspection. Some HVAC equipment and components might not be touched.

When Inspections Will Be Done

There should be a schedule or information about when Wakefield HVAC technicians will come out to do an HVAC inspection on your unit. This should be at a time that’s convenient for you; however, some commercial owners might have to pay a little extra to have an HVAC inspection appointment after hours. A small fee for this is normal since the company may have to pay their HVAC technician a premium rate for the trip. Find out if you have to call to set up bi-annual appointments or if the company will notify you when it’s time for service.

How Post-Inspection Reports Are Provided

Once the HVAC inspection is done, you should be provided with a Wakefield inspection report. This is usually written out and includes what the service person did, as well as anything that should be done but wasn’t. You should review this carefully because there might be things that you’re required to do to keep your HVAC service contract in effect. When you get the HVAC inspection report, you may need help determining what everything means. Ask your HVAC technician to go over it all with you so that you fully understand.

List of What’s Not Included

Pay close attention to the list of what isn’t included in your Wakefield HVAC service contract. While there isn’t anything standard that every company specifically doesn’t cover, some items like repairs of broken units aren’t included in a basic Wakefield HVAC service contract. In some areas, travel to and from the HVAC inspection location won’t be covered. This can be costly in some instances, so find out how they charge. Some companies charge by the mile and others based on the time.

How Extra Charges Are Handled

When there are extra charges that come with a service visit, such as if you need a repair done to your Wakefield HVAC unit, you’ll have to pay more. Find out how the payment process is handled. Are you expected to pay right when the work is done, or will you be billed? Do you get any discounts on the normal fees since you were having your Wakefield HVAC inspection done at the same time? Knowing how these charges are handled can prepare you ahead of time for any extra expenses.

Method of Dispute Resolution

The method of dispute resolution is something that people will sometimes look over without paying much attention. You should find out exactly what’s allowed when you have an issue. For the most part, reputable Wakefield HVAC companies like 128 Plumbing will step up and correct a problem, so dispute resolution won’t ever be necessary. If you do have trouble, your HVAC service contract might state that you need to use either mediation or arbitration to resolve the matter.

Renewal Procedure for HVAC Contracts

Almost all Wakefield HVAC contracts have renewal terms. You should know these terms, so you’re prepared when the time comes. Some HVAC service contracts renew automatically, so it’s a good idea to put a note on the calendar when it’s time to cancel if you don’t plan on renewing the contract.

The HVAC team at 128 Plumbing is ready to help you with all your HVAC needs, including service contracts. Contact our Wakefield professionals to set up an appointment for your service call or any repair needs you have for your unit.

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