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The Benefits of Professional AC Installation for Your Wakefield Home

Everyone wants great air conditioning for their home. If you already have it, you already know how important it can be in daily life, and chances are you do a lot to maintain your AC system and keep it running well.

If you don’t have it, you probably want it, and that’s where 128 Plumbing enters the picture. We do professional AC installation in Wakefield and beyond, and we’ve done it for thousands of homeowners and their families in eastern Massachusetts.

There’s a lot involved, though, and many people don’t know or understand the benefits of having their AC system installed professionally. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of professional AC installation.


How Professional AC Installation Works

To understand the benefits of professional installation of your Wakefield AC system, you have to know how the installation process works. There are multiple phases, and each one provides different benefits.


Evaluate Your Wakefield AC Installation Needs

The first step is to understand your air conditioning needs. This involves looking at the size of your Wakefield home, the amount of square footage you need to cool and whether or not you already have an existing AC system.

This provides several benefits:

  • Gives you a better understanding of cost factors
  • Allows you to tell us your AC priorities
  • It identifies any possible issue that might arise during a mini-split installation


Sizing Your New Air Conditioning System and Inspecting Your Old One

Once we’ve evaluated your needs, we can size your system. This provides a separate set of benefits:

  • It helps us identify the best system for your home. We can tell you cost issues with going larger or smaller, and we can tell you which brands are best for you.
  • If you already have an AC system, we can inspect it to see if the space is adequate for your new system. We can make any necessary changes in your space before the installation starts, which will put you ahead of the game.


Making Your AC More Efficient with Professional Services

Energy costs are serious business nowadays, which means you need the most efficient system you can afford.

  • How rating works. Air conditioning systems are rated according to what’s called the SEER system, and we can explain how it works. You need a system with a rating of at least 20, which will be far more efficient than your old air conditioner.


DIY Installation vs the Benefits of Professional AC Installation 

One benefit of professional AC installation is that it helps you avoid the pitfalls that come with making it a DIY job.

These include frequent and costly system failure, higher energy bills and ongoing maintenance needs that are much higher than they should be.

We send licensed, experienced HVAC techs who are part of a team, and we make sure they have the training to handle any issues that might come up.


Increased Reliability for Your Wakefield AC System

Everyone wants reliable air conditioning, and professional installation is the best way to get it. Every AC model is unique, and every home installation is different.

We have the expertise to ensure reliability because we’ve done so many AC installations over the years, and we also have plumbers and electricians to help handle any problems that arise.


The Safety Factor: Electrical and Plumbing Issues

An AC system is a powerful piece of electrical equipment, and it can be dangerous if it’s not installed and tested correctly. Leaks can also be a problem, which is why plumbers are often part of the 128 solution.

Those purchases tend to impress many buyers. They can move in knowing they won’t have to pay for costly repairs or a complete HVAC system replacement, and that can add dollars to their offer.

Sometimes specialized tools are needed, or you need to rework or add existing ductwork. Our HVAC techs are trained extensively in safety procedures, and you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AC is safe as a benefit.


Dealing With Services For Your Ductwork

Ductwork is a key element of every AC system, so getting it right it important. That means installing new ductwork if you need it and you don’t have any, or reworking your existing ductwork if that’s necessary.

The benefits of getting this done professionally can’t be understated. Think of the duct work as the lungs of your home, and having it professionally installed prevents all the problems that can happen if it isn’t done correctly. It’s necessary to get sufficient air quality for your indoor air as well.


The AC Testing and Repair Process

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an installation, even if it’s well planned in advance. Testing gives you the assurance that comes with knowing that every part of your new AC system has been verified, from the electrical work to the ductwork to the various cooling elements of the system. If anything does fail or not perform well, we can do the needed repairs.


Get the AC System Guarantees You Need

Your new AC system is an investment that’s important to your comfort and lifestyle, and you need the peace of mind that comes with guarantees that aren’t available with a DIY installation.

In addition, some small HVAC companies simply don’t have the resources to make the necessary guarantees, which means that all you’ll have is those that come with the unit.

If it doesn’t work right for some reason after the installation, you could end up footing the bill. Our HVAC techs are bonded and insured, so they can do the job right and guarantee it in writing so that you don’t get stuck with any extra charges.


Longevity of Your AC System

Your new AC system is going to be with you for a long time, hopefully, but to get that longevity the system has to be installed correctly. Shoddy workmanship during the installation can lead to early failures and extra wear and tear, and a professional installation is the best way to keep this from happening.


Get Professional AC Installation in Wakefield from 128 Plumbing

If you need help installing an AC system, we can help. At 128 Plumbing, we’ve done this for thousands of happy customers, and we have plenty of reviews from happy customers to prove it.

The process starts with a phone call, and the numbers are (888) 419-4233 or (781) 670-3261. We’ll answer your questions, schedule you for an SC installation, and tell you more about what’s going to be involved.

To get more information about how this works, you can also go to 128Plumbing.com and start a live chat. We also have some great blogs and articles there to help educate you about the advantages of professional AC installation, so you can get a great system that will keep you cool this summer.

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