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Top 5 Items To Not Put Down Your Drain

A garbage disposal is truly a modern miracle.

After all, instead of having to collect all of the grime and garbage from your sink when you cook and clean, you can simply put almost everything down the drain. Then, with a flick of the switch, it’s gone. While the help of a garbage disposal is priceless, there are some limitations if you don’t want to run into a plumbing problem down the road. So, what should you not put down the drain?


Here is a list of the top 5 items you should not put down your drain if you want to keep things running smoothly.

  • 1. Cooking oil and grease

    The worst culprits for drains are oil and grease, especially because they can coagulate when they are cold. It may seem like oil and grease would go down easily, but it can build up and cause a massive plumbing problem. Instead of putting oil and grease down the drain, collect it in a jar and throw it away.

  • 2. Egg shells

    When cooking with eggs, you may be tempted to peel egg shells over the sink and let them go down the drain. Don’t! Peel them over the garbage and throw them away.

  • 3. Vegetable skins

    The skins of vegetables, especially potato skins, can easily clog a drain. When peeling vegetables, peel them in a plastic bag and then throw them away when you are finished.

  • 4. Coffee grinds

    Coffee grinds are small and it would seem like they would wash down easily. What they’ll actually do is clump together. Coffee grinds are another terrible item to put down your sink, and easily clog kitchen drains.

  • 5. Butter, lard, or shortening

    Butter, lard, and shortening present the same problem as cooking oil and grease–when they cool down, they get hard and clog the drains and even the sewer system. Avoid putting these down your drains at all costs.

In the event you do run into a clog, don’t worry.

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