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Whether you’re new to the Wakefield, MA area or an established resident, odds are you’re unfamiliar with the interesting points behind the history of this quaint town.

Massachusetts is a history-filled state with a lot of cool stuff to learn, and if you’re living outside of the big city, there’s still a lot to know about the surrounding areas.

Here are some interesting points about the suburban town of Wakefield, MA, that you may or may not already know.

Wakefield’s Pro Athletes

Wakefield, MA, has several professional athletes that call this town their home. The town has excellent public schools with strong academics and athletics, which is how several athletes earned their professional rights.

Several professional athletes made it to the NHL, including Joe Cannata, John Lilley, and Mark Kumpel, but have you heard of Bruce Brown Jr?

Bruce is an NBA player who was drafted to the Detroit Pistons in 2018. He is still active in the NBA, currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets, but played basketball at Wakefield Memorial high school.

He also played football while in school until he transferred to Vermont Academy his sophomore year.

Disneyland Up North

Florida and California aren’t the only states to house a mouse-theme park. Between 1959-1969, Wakefield had an amusement park called “Pleasure Island,” which was nicknamed and promoted as the “Disneyland of The Northeast.”

An actual Disneyland park designer, Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood, helped design Pleasure Island and its many rides, attractions, restaurants, and theme shopping stores. However, the northern climate is what drew Pleasure Island to a close.

Because Massachusetts has short summers, the park struggled to stay open and was closed ten years after its opening.

The Original Name Was Different

Many small towns undergo name changes due to differences during settlements, and Wakefield is one of those towns.

When the town was first established in 1639, it was known as Linn Village. It was not until July 4, 1868, when the name changed to Wakefield after Cyrus Wakefield, a man responsible for the start of the growth.

Cyrus was an entrepreneur that helped establish factories and mills that brought growth and employment to the town to help build it up to the state it’s in today. You can learn all about the early history and like of Wakefield at the Wakefield Historical Society, a museum with artifacts and items from the town’s early days.

Wakefield Has The Best Professionals

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