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Wakefield Same Day HVAC Repairs

HVAC repairs can be tricky. Some are obviously serious and require immediate attention, while others are at least somewhat less severe. Some problems appears manifest at the worst possible times, then vanish back into the land of intermittents.

At 128 Plumbing, we’ve seen every kind of HVAC problem you can imagine, and we’ve fixed them all, too. We know that customers want same-day service for every repair, but it’s also important for us to provide guidance about which issues definitely need immediate attention.

The guidelines that follow should help clarify the issue. It’s a rundown of the most common HVAC repairs, broken down according to which ones are definitely same day and require immediate attention.

Whether your problem is about HVAC repairs heating replacement and repairs, heating and cooling services or something as focused as an emergency boiler repair, we’ll give you the immediate attention you need.

No Heat

This one is definitely same-day, of course. And in some situations—in the dead of winter, for instance—it’s a flat-out emergency. Sometimes the fix may be simple, but it’s definitely not something you can wait on, so you need to call us right away.

Water Leaks

If you see a small puddle underneath your boiler or furnace that seems to be spreading, you need to call us right away. Leaks can come from a variety of sources, and some of the specific issues are serious.

You need to find out if the problem is in your drain line, your heat exchanger, your evaporator drain pan, or any number of other sources.

One way to get the best possible service for these kinds of problems is to sign up for an ongoing HVAC maintenance plan.

There are three benefits from this:

1 There’s a good chance we’ll be able to spot problems before they arise
2 If they do pop up suddenly, you go to the front of the line when it comes to same-day service
3 When we do come out to take care of a problem, knowing your HVAC system will help us do the repair faster and more efficiently, which means less disruption in your busy schedule.

Bad Smells

If your HVAC system is giving off an odor that reminds you of sulfur or rotten eggs, that’s definitely a same-day problem.

It means you likely have a gas leak, which can be dangerous, so you also need to notify your local utility company so they can come out and help diagnose the problem.

We’ve worked with utility companies in Wakefield and the surrounding towns many times in the past, so we know all the protocols when it comes to keeping you and your home safe in the event of a gas leak.

It’s definitely a collaborative effort, so make sure you call us right away.

Tripped Breaker or Blown Fuse

Most people think of this problem as an electrical issue, but that may not be the case at all. If your blower is running constantly due to an issue with your furnace, for instance, that can trip a breaker to prevent a circuit overload.

It’s definitely a same-day problem, but the good news about using 128 Plumbing for this kind of problem is that we have highly-qualified electricians on staff, and when you’re facing this problem they’ll definitely be part of the team we send out.

They’ll work with our HVAC techs and plumbers to help figure out why your HVAC system is causing the problem, then fix it quickly and safely.

Furnace or Boiler Noises

Is this a same-day repair? Usually, but not always. To some extent it depends on the makeup of your HVAC system, the age of your furnace or boiler, and the nature of the noise itself.

Nearly all HVAC systems make noise. Most of them are part of the rhythm of daily life, but if the pattern of the sounds changes, you should definitely pay attention and give us a call.

If the noises are extreme, though, then it’s a same-day repair for sure. One example would be a screaming or whining noise, which is often a sign that you’ve got a belt somewhere in your HVAC system that’s being stressed, whether it’s due to the age of your system, a specific breakdown or a more global problem that needs to be carefully diagnosed.

Either way, it’s important not to wait. The same is true if you hear a grinding noise coming from your HVAC system—you may be hearing the beginning of a bearing failure in a motor, which is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Thermostat Problems

Setting a thermostat to a specific temperature without getting the desired result definitely feels like a same-day service problem, and many times it is.

But that’s not always the case. Thermostat failures can be confined to the unit itself, or they can be a sign that something is wrong further back in your HVAC system and you have a problem that needs to be completely diagnosed.

This is also another one of those scenarios where having a 128 maintenance problem tilts the balance in your favor when it comes to getting the problem fixed.

We’ll have a complete record of earlier maintenance and service calls, which gives us a much greater chance to figure out if a problem is urgent or now, but either way we’ll send someone out right away so you’re not left hanging.

Pilot Light Problems

Like thermostat issues, pilot light problems come with a high level of urgency. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that your furnace or boiler could go out at any time isn’t something anyone wants to experience, so you should definitely call us right away.

The good news here is that some of the fixes are very basic. You could just have a dirty pilot light assembly that needs to be cleaned, or the problem may be solved with a parts swap. Don’t wait, though, as there are other pilot light issues that are more serious that need same-day attention.

Get the Same-Day HVAC Repairs You Need

If you need same-day service, we’re the company that does it best. Call us at (888) 419-4233 or (781) 670-3261 if you have a problem, and we’ll answer your questions and do our best to get someone out to you right away.

To get more information about how our repair process works, you can also go to 128Plumbing.com and start a live chat, and we have some great blogs and articles there to help educate you about how same-day service works and what’s usually involved.

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