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What Are the Advantages of Ductless HVAC for Newton Residents?

For decades, residential homes have used ducted heating and air conditioning systems. Their installation is complex and expensive, and they require ongoing care and maintenance. However, this was the only option for Newton residents, as there were no other HVAC system alternatives.

Now, there is an alternative: ductless HVAC systems that offer the same benefits but require simpler installation. These heating and cooling solutions allow homeowners to create a comfortable environment in each room by attaching smart thermostats and are more energy-efficient. Also, thanks to the variety of ductless mini split AC systems, residential homes in Newton, MA can benefit from adequate air conditioning that suits everyone:

  • Single system
  • Multi-zone system

Their versatility and efficiency make ductless HVAC systems the perfect choice for all kinds of buildings, from an old home to a newly built residential property. The challenges of finding a good route for ducts disappear, thus it is possible to add supplementary heating and air conditioning units if the homeowner decides to build an extra room or reconvert a basement or garage and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

How Is Ductless HVAC Installation Performed?

As its name states, a ductless AC or heating unit does not require ducts to send the cool or warm air from the central unit to the vents installed in each room in the building. Instead, the outdoor unit is connected directly to the indoor unit through a simple hole in the wall. There is no need for a heat pump, connection to the gas line, or other complex installation works.

Thus, ductless cooling or heating systems are the perfect choices for small apartments and homes. The residents do not have to worry about how to route the cumbersome ducts. They simply select the best place to install the indoor splits and, in a short time, they can enjoy the ideal temperature in all seasons.

Also, depending on the total surface of their home, they can select from various models of ductless HVAC systems. This freedom of choice offers various benefits, from efficient heating and cooling to reduced energy bills and simpler service and maintenance works.

Types of Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless systems are designed to fit various types of buildings and create a constant temperature in large or small spaces. The most popular types of ductless HVAC systems for home and commercial spaces are:

1. Wall Mounted Mini Split AC System

The ductless mini split AC system is the most popular choice for homes. This HVAC system consists of an outdoor unit, placed either on the ground or on a wall-mounted stand and the indoor unit. A small bundle of pipes that carry the refrigerant from the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is the only connection between the two elements. With careful, professional installation by a specialized HVAC service company, this pipe bundle is invisible.

With ductless mini split AC systems, homeowners can control the temperature in each room. Practically, there is one unit per room, and each can be independently set to the ideal temperature. Homeowners can save energy costs by keeping the mini split units turned off in rooms they do not use.

2. Wall Mounted Multi Split AC System

Some Newtown residents do not want to have outdoor AC units all over their house. In this case, they can choose a multi split HVAC system. This ductless AC system uses the same principle as the mini split model. The difference is that one outdoor unit connects to several indoor AC units, usually installed in adjacent rooms.

In this case, the outdoor unit has a larger capacity. The HVAC service company will calculate the adequate capacity, depending on the volume of air required for each room. After installation, homeowners can set different temperatures for each of the rooms supplied by the same outdoor AC system.

3. Window Ductless AC Systems

Some residential property owners balk at the idea of having outdoor units attached to their buildings. Air conditioning service contractors have a ductless system that does not need this outdoor unit. The window unit contains the evaporator and the condenser in the same casing.

As its name states, this type of ductless AC system is mounted on a window because it blows heat absorbed from the room directly outside. The only requirement for the installation of this type of air conditioning system is to has large windows to accommodate the ductless HVAC unit.

4. Portable HVAC System

The most affordable type of ductless AC system is the portable unit. It can be moved from room to room and is provided with castor wheels, and sufficiently lightweight for easy handling. There is no need to call a service company to install this kind of air conditioning system. It has a hose to evacuate absorbed heat outdoors. Homeowners may need to make small window modifications to fit the hose, but that is the full extent of the installation work.

Benefits of Choosing Ductless Air Heating and Cooling Systems

So far, we have listed a few main benefits of hiring an HVAC service company to install a ductless AC system in your home. Now we will detail some of the benefits most of our clients reported after choosing this method to keep their homes comfortable.

Your Energy Costs Will Go Down

Ductless AC systems are more energy-efficient than older technologies. The absence of ductwork means that there is no portion that may leak conditioned air. The distance between the mini split and the outdoor unit is in the range of inches not feet (as it is in the case of central air conditioning systems).

Thus, the ductless mini split AC system will bring the room to the set temperature faster, with less electricity consumption. This is an important advantage in light of increasing costs of utilities, as well as the need to save resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

The HVAC Service Company Will Install the Ductless HVAC System Quickly

In older days, the installation of HVAC systems was a complex project, causing disturbance to your home for hours. For larger homes, the AC service team would need a few days to complete the installation of the ductwork.

With ductless AC systems, the work involves creating a hole in the wall to connect the two units and securing them on the respective wall. An experienced team of HVAC technicians can complete the job quickly and with minimum disturbance to you and your family.

You Can Connect the Ductless AC Systems to Smart Thermostats

Smart home devices make our lives easier and more comfortable. One of the most popular devices in this range is the smart thermostat. It has the capacity to learn your habits and automatically set the ideal temperature in each room after observing how you set it for a period of time.

These devices are difficult to pair with older central air conditioning units. However, it is simple enough to install a plug-and-play smart AC controller and use it with mini split AC unit. You can control the temperature in each room from your smartphone, turn on the ductless AC system as you approach home, and enjoy your ideal temperature from the moment you step inside.

Ductless AC Units Provide both Heating and Cooling

A ductless AC system can be used for heating, as well as for cooling a room. You do not have to install a separate heat pump and pay higher utility bills. You simply select the desired temperature, and the same unit can be used both during summer and winter.

Ductless AC Systems Need Minimal Maintenance

You won’t have to call an HVAC service company as frequently as you used to for the maintenance of the ductless mini split AC unit. You can perform a part of the tasks, such as removing and cleaning the filters.

Also, ductless HVAC systems are less prone to leak refrigerant, so you do not have to pay a lot of money for a refill several times during its lifespan.

Ductless HVAC Systems Provide Better Air Quality

One of the major downsides of duct HVAC systems is the fact that mold and fungi can find a way inside the ductwork. These tiny particles often are not retained by filters, so they enter the room, and eventually, you breathe them in.

With ductless AC systems, you do not have this problem. Plus, these modern heating and air conditioning units are provided with advanced HEPA filters, which effectively retain even very small particles of mold, mildew, dust, and fungi. Many customers who hired our HVAC service company to install ductless mini split AC units reported a decrease in asthma attacks and reduced allergic reactions.

Control Your Costs with Flexible Use

With ducted central heating and cooling, the main unit consumes the same amount of energy whether you want to cool a room or the entire home. When you opt for ductless mini splits, you control your electricity use. Each unit is assigned to one room and uses only as much electricity as it is necessary to reach the desired temperature in the respective room.

This is one of the most important benefits for Newton residents who try to be environmentally friendly and save money on electricity bills. And it is proof that modern technologies are designed to fit the consumers’ needs and demands for more energy efficiency and less waste of resources.

Latest News: Some Utility Providers Offer Rebates for Homes with Ductless AC Units

Under ENERGY STAR government-backed initiative for energy efficiency, various utility suppliers offer residential consumers incentives to replace old AC units with modern ones.

Thus, if you choose a ductless HVAC system, you may qualify for discounts, rebates, and special tariffs for electricity. This is a win-win situation, both for home consumers and for energy producers, because reduced residential consumption means more electricity available to cover pressing demands.

Our Experienced HVAC Service Team Is Ready to Help You with Ductless AC Installation!

Take control over your energy use and the comfort of your home. Decide how cool or how warm each room is or whether you want to turn off heating and air conditioning to save money. With ductless mini split AC system, you have full control.

You may wonder whether an indoor unit will ruin the décor of your room. You do not have to worry about this. Modern mini splits have a sleek, minimalistic design, completely unobtrusive. Our HVAC service specialists can advise you both in terms of heating and cooling capacity and with regard to the best-looking ductless mini split AC units for each room in your house.

You should not compromise comfort for energy efficiency or lower utility bills. And ductless HVAC systems ensure that you don’t have to make this compromise, so call us now to get a personalized estimate!

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