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What Is CIPP Pipe Lining and Why Do Winchester Residents Need to Know About It

Cured in-place pipe, which is also known as CIPP, can be a valuable investment in your Winchester property’s pipe and sewer system. Many property owners can benefit from this type of pipe-lining solution when they have sewer or other pipe system damage. Pipe-lining with CIPP offers a way to resolve pipe problems without having to dig up and replace the entire sewer pipe system.

At 128 Plumbing, we install CIPP as pipe lining in Winchester sewer pipe lines for various reasons. Here’s a look at what this pipe lining method is and how it may be the right solution for your pipe system problems.

What Is CIPP, and How Does This Type of Pipe Lining Work?

CIPP is a pipe lining solution that’s affordable and efficient. It helps improve the flow of water and debris through a drainage system even when there are damaged or corroded areas in the existing pipe and sewer lines. In some situations, CIPP pipe-lining can create better-than-new conditions in a current sewer pipe system.

When this epoxy pipe-lining is installed, it’s pushed into the interior of the existing pipe and sewer line. As the new pipe lining gets pushed into place, it can help dislodge and clean out material that’s clogging the pipe and sewer line, which is an added benefit of the process.

The pipe-lining works as a sealed structural lining that also protects the sewer line from further corrosion and deterioration. Once a CIPP lining is installed, water and waste material can flow through the sewer and pipe line again without any resistance, so there’s less likelihood of sewer line clogs.

When Can CIPP Be Used for Pipe Lining?

CIPP is commonly used in residential and commercial sewer pipes and water mains as a lining for potable and gray water systems. It’s also used in compressed air, fire suppression, and HVAC systems. It’s reliable enough for most sewer systems and can be used in industrial, municipal, and federal pipe systems to address sewer damage. This type of pipe-lining is customizable and versatile enough to replace just about any pipe or sewer lining currently in use.

Why Is Pipe-Lining So Important in Winchester?

Many areas of Winchester, Massachusetts are fitted with ancient sewer pipes and lines. There are times when the CIPP method of pipe-lining won’t be effective because the sewer pipe is greatly damaged, which means the removal and replacement of the pipe is necessary to accomplish the repair in a Winchester property. This process involves the removal of the existing pipe by digging up the pipe and replacing it with an entirely new system.

In Winchester, where many of the homes are older and have damaged pipe lines and sewer lines, removal of the existing pipe is common. Because of the difficulty and cost of full replacement of piping and sewer lines, Winchester property owners tend to put off the task until it’s unavoidable.

However, many Winchester properties are not at the point of needing complete pipe replacement, and pipe-lining using CIPP is all that’s necessary. If your pipe is damaged, you may be able to have the pipe fixed using this process. With pipe-lining using CIPP, the work needed to restore the pipe system can be done using this cost-effective solution.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Lining in Winchester?

To see if this solution will work for your sewer pipes, our team at 128 Plumbing will come to your property and inspect the pipe itself to determine its current condition. This involves feeding a camera through the pipe into the sewer to find any areas of damage. With this information, we can learn the true condition of the sewer pipe and decide if CIPP is the best option to make any needed repairs.

Many times in Winchester, CIPP installation within the existing pipe line system is all that’s needed to get the pipe and sewer line back in good working condition. There are three key reasons why this method of sewer pipe repair is beneficial to Winchester residents.

Sewer and Pipe Repair Is Faster With CIPP

The most significant benefit for many people is that pipe lining is done quickly. After an initial inspection of the pipe, we can use CIPP to resolve the pipe and sewer problem within a matter of hours or days, not weeks, which traditional pipe replacement often requires in Winchester.

Pipe Relining Costs Less in Winchester

Another major advantage of this sewer pipe repair solution is that it’s typically much less expensive than traditional pipe and sewer replacement. With this method of pipe lining, the sewer pipe does not get dug up, and it doesn’t need to be removed and replaced. Instead, the pipe lining is added to the existing pipe structure. In Winchester, installing CIPP tends to be a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe and sewer replacement.

Pipe Lining Minimizes Yard Damage

When you have a sewer that backs up, you need to take care of sewer repair. Yet, for many Winchester property owners, digging up the pipe means destroying much of their front yard. With traditional sewer line and pipe repair, it’s likely the grass, landscaping, and other features of the yard will be ruined.

Repairing a damaged sewer system by pipe lining is less frustrating. With pipe lining, the yard and landscaping can be largely preserved. Winchester property owners can easily appreciate this benefit of pipe lining that lets them avoid full sewer line replacement.

Less Costly Out-Of-Pocket Expense

Another reason Winchester property owners appreciate the lower cost of pipe lining over replacement of the pipe or sewer lines is that pipe and sewer damage may not be covered under property insurance. When a property owner must pay all the repair and restoration costs out of pocket, installing pipe lining can save the labor costs of digging up the existing pipe and repairing any damage to the yard.

How Does Sewer and Pipe Lining Work?

The first step in installing Winchester pipe lining involves 128 Plumbing coming to your home to perform a full inspection of the sewer and pipe lines to learn the extent of the damage and what repairs are needed. Once we determine that pipe lining is the best option, we can then move forward.

The existing pipeline remains in place underground. We drain the water out of the pipe system and sewer lines as much as possible. We then run heated air through the pipe and sewer to remove any moisture from the pipe. Finally, we sandblast the pipes as necessary to reduce any corrosion present in the pipe and sewer line. Areas of corrosion on pipe and sewer lines are not uncommon on older water and drainage systems in Winchester. After fully cleaning the pipe, we then install the new pipe-lining while keeping the process as minimally invasive as possible.

Why You Need Pipe Lining from 128 Plumbing

Pipe lining may be the ideal solution to restore your Winchester home’s sewer and pipe system to good working condition. Pipe lining can not only improve the functionality of a damaged sewer system, but investing in pipe lining may also add value to your home. Contact us today at 128 Plumbing to learn more about CIPP and to discover whether pipe lining can solve a sewer or water pipe problem in your Winchester home.

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