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Browse Winter Furnace Maintenance Plans for Newton Residents at 128 Plumbing

As a Newton resident, you know how important it is to keep your house warm throughout the winter, whether you’re battling snow, sleet, ice, or hail. Part of maintaining and servicing your Newton furnace is ensuring it’s in proper working order throughout the year — during spring, summer, and fall — so that when an unexpected Newton cold snap hits, you’ll be able to crank the thermostat and avoid furnace repairs during a New England winter. Keep your Newton furnace in good repair by utilizing our furnace maintenance and service plans for Newton residents from 128 Plumbing.

If you follow the weather predictions for Newton, you know that every year calls for a wet and wild winter for New England, so best to be prepared now by servicing your unit to save on furnace repairs later.

We offer Newton residents several maintenance and service plans for furnaces to help you and your family stay warm all winter and avoid extra furnace repair bills. Find out more details about our furnace maintenance and service plans below.

Keep It Cozy Agreement for Newton Residents

This premium service plan is suitable for both oil and gas Newton heating systems. Whether you live in Newton Center or Chestnut Hill, you can benefit from this Keep It Cozy service plan. It’s suitable for Newton residents with boilers or furnaces. This maintenance plan includes the following services:

Free tune-ups

A 15% discount on repairs

Discounted emergency repair services

A 15% discount on diagnostic repair services

Priority scheduling for repairs and services

1, 3 and 5-year warranties on new furnace and boiler purchases in Newton

When you enroll in our heating premium service plan, you can potentially enjoy longer equipment life, improved safety, and hopefully fewer repairs.

Furnace Service and Tune-Ups

Part of our premium heating maintenance and service plan involves tune-ups, and the specific services this covers can help you maintain efficiency and ensure proper operation of your Newton furnace, reducing the need for repairs.

Furnace Tune-Ups and Service for Newton Residents

Ignition system safety

Electrical wiring inspection for corroded connections and tightening of any loose wires

Check furnace heat exchanger

Check burners, then clean and vacuum them to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced need for repairs

Inspect furnace flue for clogs and cleanliness

Wipe down the entire system

For condensing systems, check the condensate pump, drain, and clean the trap

Check circulators

Check expansion tank

Check the pressure gauge to ensure levels are appropriate for Newton furnaces and boilers

Check relief valve

Check aquastat

Check low water cut off

Perform efficiency test

If you live in an older home in Waban or Auburndale for instance, and you have an oil furnace, 128 Plumbing offers additional furnace services, and these services include:

Replace oil nozzle, oil filter, and oil pump strainer

Inspect Newton oil line

Clean oil pump and chimney base

Inspect oil motors, controls, and circulators

Check for any potential combustible material near furnaces

To find out more information about 128 Plumbing’s premium furnace maintenance and service plans for Newton residents and save yourself the aggravation of a late-night furnace repair visit, give us a call.

Why Furnace Maintenance and Service Is Important in Newton

You may have heard from some of our service technicians before about how important furnace maintenance and service is to ensure proper operation and lessen the need for furnace repairs. Whether gas or oil-based, Newton furnaces have many internal parts that require upkeep and service to ensure your home is properly heated. A few reasons why Newton furnace maintenance and service is important include:

Helps Ensure Efficiency: Some Newton furnace parts wear down more rapidly than others, especially when you’ve just endured a tough winter season of endless snowfall and frigid temperatures. Consider your Newton furnace’s air filter, which should be replaced at least once a season. It can become clogged with dust, debris, and dirt, especially with heavy use, and as it becomes dirty, it’s more difficult for your furnace to push air through it.

Your furnace ends up working harder, increasing the possibility of a heater or furnace repair need, and potentially using more fuel. Proper seasonal maintenance and service from the pros at 128 Plumbing can help ensure Newton furnaces remain efficient.

Potentially Prevents Its Failure: When 128 Plumbing makes a Newton house call and performs the services listed in our furnace tune-ups, which is part of our premium heating maintenance and service plan, we can potentially catch any failing parts and replace them before it becomes a bigger furnace repair problem. Ongoing maintenance and service for furnaces can help reduce the chances of enduring more expensive service costs down the road when your Newton unit fails and needs more extensive servicing or replacement.

Extends Your Furnace’s Life: Since buying a brand new furnace is an investment, you want it to last as long as possible. When you enroll in one of our furnace service and maintenance plans for Newton residents, you can potentially extend the life of your unit and keep repairs to a minimum

Maintains Your Existing Warranty: While it varies by manufacturer, some brands may void or choose not to honor the included warranty if your Newton furnace hasn’t been inspected or serviced regularly by a professional.

Saves You Money: By investing in regular maintenance and service now, Newton residents can potentially avoid more expensive heater or furnace repair problems in the future.

Keeps Your Family Safe: As part of their normal operation, furnaces release carbon monoxide in the exhaust, which is vented outside and away from your Newton home. The professionals at 128 Plumbing can inspect your exhaust pipe for leaks during a service call to ensure your family is not being exposed to this colorless, odorless gas.

All-Encompassing Maintenance and Service Plans

If you’re interested in more than one service, such as if you’d like to enroll in plumbing-related maintenance or service for your Newton cooling system or water heater, 128 Plumbing has you covered. Our premium bundle includes all the maintenance and service plans we have to offer and encompasses our plumbing, electrical, oil furnace, gas furnace, and cooling system maintenance and services lists. For cost, more information, or to schedule a service appointment, reach out to us online or give us a call. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Newton residents.

Rely on 128 Plumbing for Furnace Maintenance Service in Newton, Brookline, Cambridge, and Surrounding Areas

Whether you live in Newton, Chestnut Hill, Cambridge, or even Brookline, you can benefit from the furnace service plans 128 Plumbing has to offer. Keep your Newton heating system in tip-top shape to avoid heater repairs and enjoy increased peace of mind and safety. To schedule a service appointment or for more information, give us a call at 781-670-3261.

We look forward to assisting you with ongoing Newton furnace service and maintenance so your family can stay warm and toasty this winter, regardless of what Mother Nature chooses to bring.

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