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When Is It Time to Replace Your A/C in Lynnfield?

When Is It Time to Replace Your A/C in Lynnfield?

Whether you’re living in an apartment or single-family home in Lynnfield, you need a reliable AC unit for hot summer weather. It’s a good idea to test your AC unit well before the temperatures start to rise in the springtime. With the assistance of the qualified technicians at 128 Plumbing, you can maintain your A.C. and make sure things stay calm and cool when the thermometer soars.

Few system breakdowns can affect your entire family like a malfunctioning air conditioner. If you have younger children, you already know how cranky they can be when they get hot and irritated. Instead of waiting for your A.C. to stop working, keep an eye out for common signs that it may be time to replace your A.C.

How to Make Your Lynnfield Air Conditioner Last Longer?

On average, AC units last between 10 and 15 years, and HVAC systems last about the same. Your Lynnfield AC system can last much longer if it’s properly maintained. Our technicians provide annual and biannual AC maintenance, such as changing your AC filter and cleaning the AC air ducts.

How long your air conditioning lasts depends on how soon you notice your A.C. isn’t working properly. Sometimes, you can tell there’s something wrong if the AC temperature does not adjust properly in your Lynnfield home or business.

Keep these troubling signs in mind when you need to know whether to call 128 Plumbing for AC repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

7 Signs Your A.C. Needs to be Replaced in Lynnfield

Use the following guide to determine if your Lynnfield air conditioner should be replaced.

1. Your A.C. Isn’t Providing Cold Air

When your A.C. stops blowing cold air, it’s probably time to replace it. Our Lynnfield contractors can determine whether there’s an affordable fix before recommending an HVAC or air conditioning upgrade. Our trained and insured AC contractors have years of experience with many brands, makes, and models. If we can save you money, we will. If you are planning any renovations for your Lynnfield home soon, now might be a good time to consider the installation of a new A.C.

2. The Airflow Throughout Your Lynnfield Home or Business Is Restricted

Sometimes, you may notice cool air circulating through your Lynnfield home. However, the A.C. might not be pushing air through the vents like it used to. This typically indicates an AC compressor failure or blocked vents. When considering such major repairs, consider the age of your current A.C. It may be time for our contractors to install a replacement to keep your Lynnfield home cool.

3. If You’re Remodeling Part of Your Home in Lynnfield, Consider Replacing the A.C.

During a major renovation, such as a kitchen remodel, you may already need to upgrade the electrical wiring and have the ductwork of your AC system exposed. There’s never going to be a better time to put in a new A.C. to ensure your Lynnfield home stays cool for years to come. If you are adding square footage to the home, don’t forget to calculate for the extra space before purchasing a new AC system. Our contractors can help you figure it out.

4. Is Your Lynnfield Air Conditioner Grinding at You?

Loud grinding noises coming from the A.C. indicate that your unit might be on its last leg. Other portending sounds include squealing, rattling, banging, and other sounds better left in a horror flick. If this occurs in your Lynnfield home, turn off the A.C. and call the experts at 128 Plumbing. We can provide an accurate estimate so you can decide whether to make the repair or replace your A.C.

5. Some AC Zones Aren’t Working Properly, or the Thermostat Fails in Lynnfield

Sometimes, the issue with your Lynnfield A.C. isn’t related to the main AC cooling unit. Instead, the thermostat that controls the A.C. could be the culprit. If you catch it early and repair the thermostat, your A.C. regains its full functionality. If the thermostat or other core components continue to function poorly, it can compromise the entire AC system in your Lynnfield home.

6. You’ve Had Your A.C. in Lynnfield 10-15 Years

Most AC systems last between 10 to 15 years. If your Lynnfield A.C. is older or you can’t remember when you replaced it, your home may need a new A.C.

Your old A.C. gave you a great return on your investment. Choose your replacement A.C. equipment with care to ensure it lasts at least as long. Our AC contractors in Lynnfield are knowledgeable regarding a variety of modern brands. We can even help you design a new AC system for your Lynnfield home.

7. Your AC System Requires Constant Repairs

Eventually, it’s time to stop replacing expensive parts or paying for the same repairs for your aging air conditioning system. Call the reliable AC technicians at 128 Plumbing for an accurate estimate and solid workmanship.

When you have a hard time keeping your home cool, it impacts your life in a big way. Your home in Lynnfield should be a haven, the place where you are the most comfortable. Don’t let an aging air conditioner or badly sized system keep you from enjoying your home.

128 Plumbing serves clients in Lynnfield, MA, and surrounding areas. Contact us when you’re ready to replace your outdated unit or to keep your A.C. functioning when you need it most.

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