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Why Ductless AC In Andover Is Ideal For Older Homes

If it is time for you to replace your existing home heating and air conditioning unit, you might be dreading the process. Indoor HVAC units can be expensive to install, but what if there was a way you could cut this cost? There is with a ductless ac and heating service.

Ductless ac and heating are perfect systems for older homes simply because of the work they perform for the quality they give. Older homes typically need more maintenance than newer ones due to their age, so why not make it easier on yourself with this one adjustment? Ductless ac and heating systems offer several benefits to an old home that we will look at further in-depth, making these services the best for your older residence in Andover.

What is a ductless cooling system?

Simply put, a ductless heating and cooling system are ac units that do not require the use of ductwork to supply heating and air conditioning. These units come with a box that can be put on your wall or ceiling with a wall mount to keep it up. The indoor wall mount connects to the outside compressor responsible for sending air inside your home. Homeowners who use ductless ac systems appreciate the flexibility of these systems since they do not have to supply air to every room.

With a ductless mini-split, a homeowner can choose which rooms they want to place this service in. Ductless ac and heating systems can go in every room, but typically a homeowner using this system will only put them in one room or the lesser-used rooms to cut down on energy being used. Because of this, the homeowner can control the use of the service so that not a ton of energy is wasted supplying air conditioning or heating to rooms that do not need it.

How is ductless better than central units?

A ductless indoor heating and air conditioning unit has better benefits for an older home than a central air system does. Ductless ac systems are so good that some commercial properties use these systems. While the initial installation of ductless heating and air conditioning services is more expensive, a homeowner will save a lot of money in the long run with this system than with a central since the uses of HVAC needs are lower. Central systems power heating and air conditioning to every room of a house compared to the selected ones with a ductless. With that in mind, ductless systems also require less maintenance than central units.

Installation of a ductless ac system is also quicker. Central ac units take about a week to install, possibly more if a homeowner needs modification to their ductwork. Still, a ductless ac and heating unit will typically only take a day or two. These systems need to be connected to the indoor refrigerant lines in a home, and the outdoor compressor needs to be set up.

Can a ductless system provide heating?

Ductless systems do not just provide ac; they can provide heating as well. Ductless mini-splits, or zoned HVAC, contain a heat pump responsible for providing heating to the home without the use of ductwork, just like it does with ac. This option is perfect for older homes using ductless heating and cooling since it allows the homeowner to control the temperature in individual rooms. If one room in an old house is colder, the temperature can be higher in that particular room to produce heating for comfort.

Even with heating, ductless heating and cooling uses 25-50% less energy than homes with central HVAC uses, making these systems very energy efficient. It is recommended that with your ductless heating pump, you do not have anything near or over the pump like curtains or furniture. Some ductless systems in older homes are installed at the baseboard, and it can cause fires if particular objects are covering the system. With that in mind, keep the area around the heating system cleared and constantly cleaned to prevent anything from happening.

Why is this service ideal for an older home?

If your Andover home is older or has some old aspects, you would benefit from a ductless ac and heating system for several reasons. First, a ductless system can add value to your old home. Some older homes do not have air conditioning which means homeowners have to get that service from another method. Adding in ductless heating and air system will add value to the property since you are inserting that necessary service.

An indoor ductless heating and ac systems are also much quieter than a central ac unit because the air does not have to travel through the ductwork. Since ductless ac and heating systems are boxes you mount to the wall, they can frequently blend in with the rustic or decor of your older home once they are mounted high on the wall or the ceiling. If you are worried about the appearance of your ductless ac box, there are ways you can cover it by hiding it somewhere unnoticeable in the room or using a cover specifically made for these services.


If your older home already has an existing HVAC system but isn’t any good, you can support it with a ductless ac system to keep it working longer. This is an excellent alternative to buying and replacing your HVAC system that can be expensive to purchase upfront. SIne ductless heating and air conditioning services allow you to control the heat and air in selected rooms; this can benefit your older house by setting the rooms to a comfortable temperature based on individual needs. It is also very energy efficient in only providing what is needed for your older home without giving too much or too little.

Since ductless ac and heating systems allow you to mount a box on the wall for desired temperatures, this means that a homeowner of an older home gets to preserve the structure by not adding in an indoor unit. If your structure would need heavy remodeling to support a central ac unit, this can be an unnecessary added cost. Older homes may need some remodeling every once in a while with the trending styles of the modern home, and if that’s the case, do not let an indoor central air unit become one of those when you can go the cheaper route by increasing the value and concealing your unit.

How to prepare for a ductless heating and cooling system?

Ductless ac and heating systems do not require any significant preparation for the installation of these systems. However, you should prepare to have professionals come in and do the work. These heating and cooling systems need to connect to refrigerant lines in your home to run heating and air conditioning properly, so trusted professionals will need to set that up for you. The installation of your ductless system will take up to two days, so you should prepare your home for the hired professionals to be intrusive for just a few days.

You can do things to prepare for the installation of your new unit, like picking out the size and style of the system you would like to mount on your wall. Consider the look of your old home and the looks of the heating and cooling systems available. Select the one you would like to blend in with your decor and be happy with after installation.

Professionals will help you set up the outdoor and indoor unit, and once they’re done, there are some maintenance tips you can keep in mind to ensure the longevity of your investment. Ductless heating and air conditioning services do not require as much maintenance as central units but should still be preserved well. The first is to keep the area around them clean, indoor and outdoor. Constantly make sure the outdoor unit is free of debris and dust off your indoor ac system weekly. Ensure that there is some space around your indoor system and that nothing is near it, like furniture, curtains, or wall hangings.

Now and then, you should clean out the outside and indoor systems by removing the filters so the air quality stays fresh, cleaning the coils and condensers outside, cleaning the pipes of dust or debris so air can travel safely into your home without being blocked. If you are ever timid to clean your outdoor compressor since it can be more technical, call your trusted installation professional.

Get your new unit installed today!

Are you ready to install a ductless ac and heating system in your holder home? Then contact us at 128 Plumbing. We are the experts at setting up your indoor ductless HVAC in your Andover home. Our team of professionals can help you with the installation process and are always ready for any questions or concerns you may have.

Your older home can benefit from ductless heating and air conditioning for several reasons—control of uses, control of cost, and control of temperature. The installation process can be meticulous, and we would love to help every homeowner picking out the best HVAC system for their home. Contact us today to get started with the installation of your new heating and cooling system in your older home just in time for summer.

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