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Why Should I Get My A/C Tuned Up?

Here in Massachusetts, we know the hot weather is on its way. One day, almost out of the blue, it’s going to be 90° and humid. It is then most homeowners will go to turn on their air conditioning systems. But what if the system does not work? When service is called for on an a/c system, the first question most likely asked will be, was your system tuned up this year? Setbacks like this could have been prevented if the air conditioning system tuned up before the start of the season. There are a number of problems an air conditioning tune up can detect and prevent, and yearly maintenance also can make your system last longer.

Tune ups inspect a number of issues most home owners are unaware of that could be lurking within their system. Energy draining problems such as leaky duct work, compressor amperage draw, and motor amperage draw could be raising your electric bill. Condenser coil problems can cause your system to not cool as efficiently as it should. Microbial growths can be building up on the coils causing breathing problems to the home’s residents. Lines could be clogging or condensate pans could be leaking and causing water damage. Wires could be corroding and causing damage to the unit or worse could become a fire hazard. All of these problems can be avoided if A/C systems are tuned up and checked in the spring, before the hot weather hits.

Some companies recommend that you have your system tuned up at the beginning and end of the season. Here in the Northeast, only pre-season maintenance is really necessary. Twice a year is more for states that have a/c units running for six to eight months out of the year. Having an A/C tune up now will help prevent costly problems in the future.

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